Dragged Into Sunlight, Gnaw Their Tongues combine hideous forces for blood-gushing ‘N.V.’

NV coverThe world can be a horrible place with terrible things happening with or without sense and logic. People can be terrible beings, and as far as we’ve come with technology, medical advancements, and other accomplishments, humans never fail to find new ways to be despicable and horrible.

Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues are two acts in extreme music that understand this greatly and have poured this into their respective music. They are two of the most unnerving, raw, violent acts in the entire world, and the thought of them combining forces should be something that drives chills down spines. Well, either fortunately or unfortunately (depends on your outlook), they have melded forces for the terrifying new combined effort “N.V.” (stands for negative volume) that brings their horrifying worlds together in a way that only can mean devastation and psychological woes. Over five songs, they poke and prod at the worst of humanity in a way only these two acts could do this shockingly. If you can imagine what these bands would create together without hearing the results, you likely will land on what they do here. There are no surprises really, and that’s not a negative. This effort is scary, penetrating, and bloody, just like I’d hoped it would be.

For those a little behind (or if you just need a quick refresher), Dragged Into Sunlight is the mask-bearing horror squad out of the UK that smears death and black metal together in a sooty, clobbering way. They have two smothering full-lengths to their name (“Widowmaker” was one of our favorites of 2012) and generally keep their shadows over the seamy underbelly of society, focusing on killers and abuse, all the things that make life so wonderful. Gnaw Their Tongues is the long-time black noise project of Dutch musician Mories that is responsible for a shit ton of releases (we visited with “Abyss of Longing Throats” earlier this year) since this idea was started a decade ago. These two acts combining together to make music makes too much sense, and the result is as gross and disgusting as expected.

“Visceral Repulsion” has that DIS focus on serial killers at the forefront (it’s a recurring element here), with Richard Speck warbling on over noise and then crushing death. There is a mix of harsh growls and ear-splitting shrieks that work to create madness, as the noise spitting and thrashing fury meet up and create a dangerous storm front. Later, Michael Bruce Ross, also known as “The Egg Man,” speaks of his terrible acts while eerie soundscapes bubble up, and the two entities work to pound you into submission over the final minutes. “Absolver” completely crushes from the start, with fierce growls splitting out and black melodies drizzling down. The vocals later turn burly, matching the muddy pace, and as the track goes on, it keeps getting more and more ferocious, ripping apart sanity, crashing down, and later bleeding out. “Strangled With the Cord” is an obvious one, isn’t it? It starts with slow-driving punishment, echoing growls, and more words from killers. Parts of this simmers and steams, with the end torn out later, the bands pelting you with foreign objects, and the vocals sounding inhuman and unhinged.

“Omniscienza” erupts right away, as if you’re being sprayed with nails, and the vocals are utterly savage. We hear more killers speak, as the bands create an atmosphere that should make you shake with fear. The vocals pierce and slash, as the bands keep piling on sounds and tons of weight, with the tempo mashing, and the collective power making your head spin as you grab the wall to prevent a fall. Closer “Alchemy in the Subyear” lets the elements build up and threaten, with swarming sounds coming from every corner and the playing crunching your puny bones. Noise haze situates itself over the scene, like a poisonous cloud slowly stretching over a terrain, while chaos erupts elsewhere. The guitars sink their claws, as the track unleashes punishing thrashing, delivering shot after shot until the thing ends abruptly, as if your lights have been put out with you even realizing it.

So yeah, there’s nothing about this record that will put a smile on your face or uplift your spirits. Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues have the market on psychological torment pretty much cornered, which they prove on “N.V.” This is the stuff that, as gruesome and unfriendly as it is, you can’t turn away from it. It’s the horror that, as much as it will turn your stomach, you have to immerse yourself in and splash in every bloody bit.

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