Scottish doom duo Ommadon smear devastating touches on massive single-cut ‘End Times’

The fact that we focus on heavy music is super not necessary to point out. That said, not everything we touch feels like it can shake the earth to its very core, sending us all hurtling toward outer space and instant death. But we do have the chance to tackle something incredible devastating now and again, and today we’re going to expose you to something that’s aiming rip your goddamn house down.

Scottish duo Ommadon has been crushing chest cavities for the past decade, and over the course of their previous five full-lengths, the band has proved its penchant toward making music designed to turn rock into lava. They do that thing again on their massive sixth record “End Times,” an aptly named record that sounds like all life coming to an end all at once. The band—Ewan Mackenzie (drums, keyboards, noise) and David Tobin (guitars, noise)—creates a two-track effort that feels like it’s signaling nuclear holocaust. OK, it’s sort of two tracks. It’s one movement broken up over two sides of vinyl, but it’s designed to be heard and absorbed as a single piece. This album quakes massively, and as punishing as their back catalog is, this is something even more massive. It takes some time to adjust to this environment, as there is a level of sameness that can be drubbing. But make no mistake. They’re building a foundation set to scorch and punish, and this album is one that’ll smash your bones. Oh, this thing is out on like 91 labels, so we’ll give you all those links at the end.

The A side begins with drone spitting, guitars chugging, and the lead line charging and bleeding. It’s a long set-up phase, definitely on purpose, as they let the noise drag out and the storm ambiance collect above your head as you’re drubbed violently. At about the seven-minute mark, the pace changes, and the drums start splitting fingertips. The band unloads with devastating, smothering playing delivered in a slow, agonizing fashion, with guttural growls piercing the surface about 14 minutes into the cut. The tempo turns even more funereal, coming off as solemn but dangerous, tearing monstrously slowly before fading out the 20-minute first half.

The B side has static flooding and the pace picking up where it left off. Leads light up, sending strange beams of power, and the heavy pounding continues and adds more bruising. The band smashes you about the head and torso, with primal screams erupting at about the 15-minute mark of this 22:52-long mastodon. The band grinds your face into the gravel, as you might find yourself slowly, darkly nodding along to this track, almost expecting pallbearers to arrive to take you to your final resting place. Feral growls sound utterly inhuman, while the band scrapes at the floor of hell to come up with filth and charred body ash. The track begins its long, nightmarish fade, as a smokescreen collects blinding your sight, and the chaos finally bleeds out.

Ommadon’s might and gravity are apparent as ever, as they unleash inhumane amounts of pain on “End Times.” As this band continues to grow and develop their mission, their music continually gets darker and more abysmal with every step. Of course, we’re talking the end of all things, so why wouldn’t Ommadon make this track as deadly and foreboding as possible?

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