Cemetery Filth put death, thrash into smoldering cauldron with massive debut record ‘Dominion’

I try to live by the saying “never make plans” because when you do, that’s always when the shit hits the fan and sprays you in the mouth. Nothing good can come from planning ahead as, and don’t look this up or anything, it’s never worked out for anyone ever. So, when things go wrong and everything you hoped for goes awry, just understand it was the universe reminding you to stop.

This all leads into “Dominion,” the savage debut record from Cemetery Filth that took a little while to get to us, but now that’s it’s imminent, it’s about to tear our heads off. The thrashy death squad from Atlanta hasn’t exactly been idle since their formation in 2014, as they’ve delivered an EP and contributed to three split releases, but as their bio material makes clear, things just kept getting in the way, as they are wont to do, to prevent their first full-length into the world. But it’s here now, it’s backed by both Unspeakable Axe and Boris Records, and it’s about to make good for all of the time that took them to get to this point. But look, good things sometimes take time, and this ripper of a nine-track, almost 38-minute album is proof of that as the band—vocalist/guitarist Matt Kilpatrick, lead guitarist Ryan Guinn, bassist and backing vocalist Devin Kelley, drummer Chris McDonald—crushes you with wave after wave of power with no regards to your health and well-being.

“Subduction” opens the record with the aforementioned thrashy hell before the punishment increases, and the vocals scrape hard. The guitars light up and burn as the soloing soars, the drums decimate, and the final seconds burn out. “Exhumed Visions” is crunchy as hell with the drums rattling and fierce howls blowing down trees. Meaty riffs pick up as the band pounds away, leading into sizzling guitar work that rips shit apart, while the track ends maniacally. “Paralytic Scourge” blisters and chugs out of the gates before slowing down and getting menacing, smearing salt in your wounds. Then things get maddeningly explosive while the soloing begins to scar, the band crushes on all cylinders, and then it’s right into “Aeons in Dis” that lands heavy blows the moment it arrives. Nasty vocals and additional helpings of thrashiness land hard as the intensity amplifies with the growls leaving infection and the band mashing your face at the end.

“Festering Vacuity” has guitars teasing out front before they trudge with heavy boots, and the guitars flare up and cause burns. The soloing barrels its way in and quickly goes off the rails while the violence spurts before an abrupt finish. “Churning of the Shallows” unleashes guitars all over the place as the band pummels and charges forward. The vocals are gruff and mean while fluid leads flow like a river, the assault speeds up dangerously, and the deadly final salvo leaves a thick gathering of soot. “Devoured By Dread” punches in as the drums lose control, and utter savagery spreads like wildfire. The leads jerk you by your chain while an animalistic rage punishes, as the final moments come completely unglued. “From Euphonic Crypts” is a quick instrumental piece with guitars plinking and the atmosphere thickening, heading into the 8:45-long closing title track. The playing surges as filthy death melts flesh, and heaviness kicks into high gear. The playing feels like it’s dropping tons of hammers on you while the leads take off and rob you of breath. The track keeps gaining steam as the growls bruise muscles, the bottom end trucks hard, and the track blazes out of time, leaving destruction behind.

Cemetery Filth’s official entrance into the metal world may have taken place several years ago, but they’ve now truly arrived with “Dominion,” a crusher of a debut album that aim to take your head off. Their grasp of classic death metal definitely feels swampy and violent, and the added bursts of thrash give the music the right amount of bite to satisfy bloody appetites. This is a band set for hellacious things, and this record is just the start of what should be a devastating run.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/CemeteryFilth

To buy the album, go here: http://www.unspeakableaxerecords.com/

Or here: https://boris-records.com/

For more on the label, go here: http://www.unspeakableaxerecords.com/

And here: https://www.facebook.com/borisrecordsatl/

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