Beasts Savage Necromancy piss hellish black, death metal with vicious ‘Feathers Fall to Flames’

Wicked horrors and blasphemies have been a part of heavy metal since the dawn of time, and if that’s something that wilts your skin, maybe try another form of music. Some bands go way over the top with the whole aesthetic, which can border on hilarious if they’re missing the substance. But there’s plenty of room for music that will burn down your inhibitions because their blades cannot be denied.

Phoenix-based Savage Necromancy definitely don’t pull back on the outlandish song titles, brutal imagery, and names that most definitely are not their given monikers. Diabolical Fuckwitch of the Black Flame is responsible for odious war chants and chthonic incantations, her roars splitting your veins; Conjurer of Putrid Desecrations is in charge of unholy axe beheadings and demonic arch-fiend summonings; while Grand Marshall of Hell heads up as ceremonial conjurer of semenic rhythms & thunderous primitivity. That all sounds insane, but if you take on their debut full-length “Feathers Fall to Flames,” you will know right away this is serious shit that’ll take off your head. Originally released last year, the record is getting wider distribution from the always trustworthy 20 Buck Spin in advance of the band’s forthcoming second album. I can only image how vicious that thing is going to be.

“Milenio de la Crucifixión” starts with chilling organs and chanting in Spanish, the drums tap, and the guitars sludge. Doom bells call as the track begins to bludgeon, bleeding into “Baptized in the Cum of the Goat” that’s stomping annihilation from the start. The growls scrape filth as vicious playing steamrolls, and things rampage dangerously. The vocals corrode as the punishment goes off the rails, heading into “Conquest of Nazareth” that pummels right from the start. It feels like you’re on the ground with a shin at your throat as madness manifests itself, the vocals feel like death emanations from beyond, and group chants slither, bringing the track to a merciful end. “Gibbous Moon of the Horned God” delivers trudging riffs and growls that tear through your midsection, and the playing is utterly psychotic. The soloing just goes off, clobbering your senses and not allowing you a simple breath before it’s on to “Storming the Gates of Heaven” where muddy riffs become a force with which to contend. Guitars slash wildly, caring not what artery they might sever as barked growls, funeral bells, and decimating drums rob your lungs of vital oxygen.

“Genocidal Frostfukk Terrorstorm” blasts by before you even realize what hit you, bringing vicious growls and splattering guitar work that destroys before dissolving. “Black Metal Victory” takes the reins and races with thrashy guitars, splintering playing, and vocals that sound like demonic possession taking place in your ears. The playing sprawls and swallows you whole, rushing to its finish and colliding with “Unholy Banner of the Black Tower” and its gale force assault that drags you along with it. The growls carve at sanity while the guitars find new levels of craziness to pull you along, your mouth dragging over the ground. The power trudges as the wild howls mar your brains, pulling into “Disgorging Christ’s Kingdom” where guitars send cinders flying and riffs cutting through bone. The playing is fast and nasty while the drums cave in the side of your head, and everything ends … hellishly. “666 Dead Angels” closes this barnstorm of evil with drums igniting fires, growls ravaging, and a beastly assault getting the better of you. Speed again is a factor as the playing singes, riffs poke, and taunting laughs from the underworld burn out of time.

“Feathers Fall to Flames” has been out in circulation for a bit, but teaming up with 20 Buck Spin should mean more ears and eyeballs will be tuned to the Satanic madness that is Savage Necromancy. This is vile, raw stuff, a horrifying helping of unfiltered death and black metal playing as ravenously as possible. This band isn’t here to score style points; they’re here to remove your head and fill it with black piss and blood.

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