MMM album premiere: Book of Sand’s “Seven Candles for an Empty Altar”

Having the honor of writing up Book of Sand’s new album “Seven Candles for an Empty Altar” is one thing, and its insane mix of black metal, strange experimentation, and overall discomfort has provided me hours of torment. The other thing is today, we present the actual music itself, this seven-track, 63-minute excursion into psychosis and punishment, one of the most warped black metal albums released by anyone this year. We’re not going to talk your ear off. You can read our review at the link below, but find out for yourself what this music means to you and how affected you are when it’s all over. Thanks immensely to Fiadh Productions for trusting us with this stream.

To read our review, go here:

Fiadh has a slew of other releases, a really diverse offering that touches on many areas of metal and heavy music. We’ll have a roundup of those coming up tomorrow.

For more on the band, go here:

To buy the album, go here:

For more on the label and to buy the rest of the releases, go here:

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