Mutants Khthoniik Cerviiks put mind-warped twists into death metal on ‘SeroLogiikal Scars…’

Khthoniik CerviiksAny band that is going to throw piss at the concept of conventional creativity already has a head start on gaining my interest. With the myriad bands and records that come my way each day, not everything is going to stand out as something worth hearing. I’m not, like, Mr. Important or anything. It’s just the nature of things.

So, when “SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex of Dementiia),” the debut record from German weirdos Khthoniik Cerviiks landed in my inbox, that thing got ingested immediately. Not digested. This is a band and album that doesn’t just hit the gut and settle itself with no problem. These guys are out there, and their totally unconventional brand of death metal stands way, way out in an otherwise flooded pack of bands. You have the weird spelling of their name (these guys love the shit out of the letter “I”), their mouthful song titles that sound like they were transcribed from an alien space lab (and who says they weren’t?), and their own brand of communication that leaves your brain mangled and completely overwhelmed with strangeness. How does that not sound like a band and record you have to experience immediately?

GDOB2-30CH-001.cdrKhthoniik Cerviiks formed just two years ago and combine members of fallen bands Zuul and Ignis Uranium, with the idea of keeping the spirit of both groups alive. This band is comprised of interestingly named crushers Okkhulus Siirs (bass, vocals), Khraâl Vri*ïl (guitars, vocals), and Ohourobohortiik Ssphäross (drums), and the concept of this record focuses on diseases and pathogens contained within one’s own body that may never even rise to a level of being something that impacts the person. As a hypochondriac, let me go take a couple of deep heaving breaths. Anyway, the music is so twisted, so not of this world, that it might catch many listeners off guard at first. If your musical tastes fall somewhere in a sludgy mix of Gorguts, Wormed, and Voivod, you’re the most likely recipients to grasp this thing first time out.

As noted, the song titles are long and packed with weirdness, starting with opener “Schizophradio (KC Exhalement 2.0: Technocide Inertiia)” that spits mechanical noise and alien atmosphere before opening up and starting its metamorphosis. Some of the guitars sound inspired by classic death, while the cut crushes harder and harder as it goes, with a proggy sequence landing toward the end and thrashing to a finish. “SeroLogiikal Scars (Sequence 1.0: Vertex of Dementiia)” lets guitars spill and splash, with vile growls bubbling, the pace pulverizing, and the speedy runs pulling at your brain stem. The assault is tricky and challenging, moving along at a cartoon-like pace, disorienting before it makes its gargantuan final statement. “Miindwrecked (Project Eigengalaxy)” is rubbery and spidery at the start, and it would be interesting watching this thing growl legs and carve its way across the earth. The playing is all over the map, with melodies hiding underneath the surface, dark and burly playing slithering, and the track spinning out.

“Biinary Epitome (Spyder’s Web)” sounds a little washed out at the start, cooling your senses before the guitars light up and the bottom drops. A thrashy, mystical assault pushes forward, with the guitars exploring, the tempo baffling, and the vocals sounding grim and monstrous, with everything ending in a flurry of motion. “SeroLogiikal Scars (Sequence 2.0: Veiled Viiral Vektor)” begins with speed bursts and then travels its way into thick doom. The sounds flood and overwhelm in no time, with the growls grumbling and the band hitting a nice groove. The skull bashing arises again, with unruly chaos dominating and the cut coming to an abrupt end. “Cranial Leftoverture (Angel’s Pyramiid)” goes off right away, feeling like something that lurches out of a cosmic station, and the growls blowing heat. The track is vicious and perplexing, with the infernal storytelling slashing its way, and the track later settling. Melody pours over the ugliness, the track grinds its way through, and the final moments drub you heavily. Closer “Voiidwarp (KC Inhalement 2.0: Meta Material Monoliith)” is a weird outro, a smear of noise that injects a final dose of strangeness into your bloodstream before fading away.

Khthoniik Cerviiks regurgitate something that could make for the darkest episode of the “X-Files” ever. The music is so brutal in an alien-like fashion, that it might make one wonder if it isn’t going to awaken some of those microscopic bodies lurking within us. On top of all the off-balance things about the band, one can’t ignore the fact that these guys are really fucking good. A great, warped death metal band for the future that just so happens to inhabit our world today. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash my hands 87 times in a row.

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