Best of 2016: Top 40 revisited

We’ll resume normal operations tomorrow, but in case you missed our Top 40 that we unveiled over the past 542 weeks, here’s the list. If you did miss, you should go check out the interviews from our top 5 bands. They were excellent, and some of the best content we’ve ever presented. That’s due to the artists, not our questions at all. Thanks to them, thanks to all of you, and let’s go, 2017!

40. TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE, “The Hetacomb” (Iron Bonehead)

39. ANAGNORISIS, “Peripeteia” (Vendetta)

38. VLK, “Of Wolves’ Blood” (self-released)

37. ZHRINE, “Unortheta” (Season of Mist)

36. WOMAN IS THE EARTH, “Torch of Our Final Night” (Init)

35. HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN, “Son of Earth and Sky” (Svart)

34. CROWHURST, “II’ (Broken Limbs/Dullest)

33. PESTIFERE, “Hope Misery Death” (Eihwaz)

32. SUMAC, “What One Becomes” (Thrill Jockey)

31. VEKTOR, “Terminal Redux” (Earache)

30. FORTERESSE, “Thèmes pour la Rébellion” (Sepulchral Productions)

29. WALDGEFLÜSTER, “Ruinen” (Bindrune/Nordvis Produktion)

28. MOONSORROW, “Jumalten aika” (Century Media)

27. ABBATH, self-titled ‘’ (Season of Mist)

26. ASHBRINGER, “Yūgen” (Avantgarde Music)

25. URZEIT, “Anmoksha” (self-released)

24. MARE COGNITUM, “Luminiferous Aether” (I, Voidhanger)

23. SAOR, “Guardians” (Northern Silence)

22. INTER ARMA, “Paradise Gallows” (Relapse)

21. HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE, “Dead Revolution” (Metal Blade)

20. DUST MOTH, “Scale” (The Mylene Sheath)

19. SUMERLANDS, self-titled (Relapse)

18. URFAUST, “Empty Space Meditation” (Ván)

17. MIZMOR, “Yodh” (Gilead Media)

16. BLOOD CEREMONY, “Lord of Misrule” (Rise Above)

15. ASTRONOID, “Air” (Blood Music)

14. LOTUS THIEF, “Gramarye” (Prophecy)

13. MARSH DWELLER, “The Weight of Sunlight” (Eihwaz)

12. ASH BORER, “The Irrepassable Gate” (Profound Lore)

11. PREDATORY LIGHT, self-titled (Invictus/Psychic Violence)

10. KHEMMIS, “Hunted” (20 Buck Spin)

9. BLOOD INCANTATION, “Starspawn” (Dark Descent)

8. PALACE OF WORMS, “The Ladder” (Broken Limbs)

7. AUROCH “Mute Books” (Profound Lore)

6. USTALOST, “The Spoor of Vipers” (Sibir)

5. EIGHT BELLS, “Landless” (Battleground Records)

4. ANICON, “Exegeses” (Gilead Media/Avantgarde Music)

3. SPIRIT ADRIFT, “Chained to Oblivion” (Prosthetic/War Crime Recordings)

2. OATHBREAKER, “Rheia” (Deathwish Inc.)

1. SUBROSA, “For This We Fought the Battle of Ages” (Profound Lore)