Desekryptor unleash violent death metal that goes for the jugular on ‘Chasm of Rot’ demo

There are many ways to appreciate music, whether it’s for feel, technical prowess, or something else. Point is, a lot of times it’s really something inside of us that’s triggered when we hear a new band and decide that their direction makes sense and captures our imagination. That’s a nice, flowery way to introduce a new demo from one of the nastiest budding death metal bands.

Desekryptor are a trio hailing from Indiana, and their crushing new “Chasm of Rot” nicely fills that gaping wound inside hoping for death that sounds dangerous, ugly, and not the least bit concerned with widespread acceptance. This style of music is supposed to serve a niche of folks who are equally disillusioned with the art they’re served in mainstream helpings and seek music that would scare the motherfuck out of what the masses are consuming. Desekryptor deliver that on this five-track, 18-minute display follows their “Demo 2016” that actually arrived early this year. The band—P.A. (vocals, guitars, bass), E.S. (guitars, bass), T.S. (drums)—smothers you with devastating, hellish death metal that isn’t trying to be anything other than hard-hitting, guttural, and evil. They provide that in ample portions here, and it’s the sign of a very promising band with a bloody future.

“Serpentine Scourge” starts with guitars cutting in like a chainsaw, and the guts of the thing mangled and torn apart. Gurgly growls and boiling leads increase the heat, while the final moments are utterly devastating. “Blood Tipped Scythe” is gruesome right off the bat, with the band delivering a furious beating that scoffs at any hint of mercy. The growls snarl fiercely, while the band finds a nasty death groove in which to trap you. When that hits, if you’re not inclined to throw a lamp across the room, maybe this isn’t for you? The pace is drubbing and mean, while the lead guitars kill, the growls maul, and everything is ground into dust.

The title cut is savage and filled with smoking riffs. Parts of this also soak in doom mud for a spell, while the track later tears apart and releases toxins. The music delivers a consistent flattening, while the vocals rumble in filth before the soloing takes off. The guitars only serve to aggravate the fires, while the growls become grotesque, and the final moments thrash away. “Organismacide” certainly hints hard at their lack of concern for all beings, with no one left off the list. A swirl of voices causes hypnosis, while the music lands direct punches, and the pain is meted out in calculated manner. The pace goes from hulking to obliterating, with furious growls, soloing that tears off the rails, and an ending that comes abruptly. Closer “Apocalyptic Funeral Trance” won’t have you gazing into the void as you might think. Instead, you’re treated to a thrash-fisted assault complete with lurching growls, relentless pounding, and vocals that make it sound like P.A. is drowning in his own blood.

Desekryptor make a lot of devastating headway on “Chasm of Rot,” a collection that sounds exactly like what its title promises. These three maniacs have a stranglehold over what they do well, and by sticking to this disgusting formula, it should mean a really punishing full-length effort once they get to that. Until then, if they keep the fires burning and the torture flowing, they’re going to be a band with which to reckon well into the future.

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