Today’s review interrupted by typical metal bullshit

Today wasn’t supposed to be like this. We had a review ready to go, but a troublesome matter has passed me by the last few years, and I’ll admit that today. I do fairly thorough research when I’m writing about a band I’m not knowledgeable about to avoid having any misogynistic, fascist bullshit on this page. But it’s not a perfect process, and things fall through the cracks.

Oh great. Absurd merch on the Signal Rex shop site

Anyway, I won’t name the band, because they aren’t the culprits, but their label Signal Rex is. I went to get a shop link to their site to add to the review when I saw a shirt by Werewolf Bloodorder, which smacked me in the face as being fash as fuck. Further research, I found its sole member was in a band called Resistencia 88, a group that was not exactly shy about their nazi-supporting roots, especially sharing a split with the band Gestapo SS on a recording called “Acireman Southern Aryan Terrorists.” It includes a Skrewdriver cover!  How adorable. Actually, all the song titles suck, they both suck, and they can eternally fuck off. As can Signal Rex and any band that chooses to sign with a label that happily works with “artists” such as these. Their artistic statement, as per their Bandcamp states they are “a record label that stands for art without advocating or condemning any form of artistic expression, always having in mind the right to freedom of speech as its main motto.” Basically, welcome, shitheads. We just want to sell your shit.

Satanic Warmaster bullshit

This is on top of their site being an easy place to find sketchy bands, selling merch in their shop from Satanic Warmaster, Absurd (they list a tribute album!), Grand Belial’s Key, Ravenzang (follow that fucking trail), and Lycanthropic Winter Moon, who cite NSBM bands such as Graveland and Fullmoon as influences. It’s the same reason we don’t do anything on Hells Headbangers artists, with the second reason being a lot of them aren’t that good. Same goes for Iron Bonehead, who unfortunately do have some good artists, but I can’t support their politics.

This may seem like a small deal, but it really isn’t. There are so many good bands out there that deserve the coverage who don’t spread nazi bullshit or fascist and/or sexist ideas. The ones that do, we will happily ignore them outright when it comes to what we write about. I feel stupid I didn’t realize earlier on about Signal Rex, but they won’t get any more time on this site. If that’s going to be a problem for you, luckily you’re not required to be here. Despite what some people think and are vocally ignorant about on social media, metal does have problems when it comes to fascism, sexism, race, and flat-out nazi sympathy. If it didn’t, I would not have to do a knowledge check every goddamn time a new band comes my way that I have to vet first. It’s an issue, and it’ll continue to be one until we stop fucking around and do something to root it out. If you run into a listener whining about it and claiming metal is supposed to be hateful, that’s how you ID an enabler, if not an outright supporter of such bullshit. I’ve had to get rid of my share of records due to this, and funny enough, I have plenty of music left in my collection that doesn’t make me feel morally reprehensible for owning.

Anyway, that’s it. No review. I’d love to never have to write about something like this again, but I know reality is cruel, and there are enough people who will let this shit pass that it’ll live on until we stomp it out. If you see anything else on this site from the past by a questionable band, please let us know so we can get the fuck rid of it. Oh, and it goes without saying that if you’re a band that leans NSBM, sexist, racist, fascist, don’t bother sending us your album. We’re deleting it.

18 thoughts on “Today’s review interrupted by typical metal bullshit

  1. Great words!!

    Signal Rex’s owner used to be member of the Portuguese far-right National Renovation Party (PNR)…

  2. Brian, I thoroughly agree with your article. Some think it’s cancel culture; I call it common sense. It is inexcusable for metal labels to endorse white nationalism using the umbrella banner of “art.” Until companies that support NSBM and other hateful ideologies (for commercial gain) realize that extreme metal isn’t more KVLT if it supports discrimination, and having Satanic ideologies shouldn’t excuse total ignorance, these labels need to be called out. In the meantime, we need to act as our own gateekeepers to separate credible art from dangerous ideologies.

  3. Agreed. I’ve tried to do my best to curate this site to avoid any bands like that. It doesn’t always work. But yeah, it’s called consequences. When bands and labels sink into giving this bullshit a platform, we shut them out. I’m a tiny site, and my site won’t hurt anyone. But I have to operate based on my conscience. Thanks so much for reading and reaching out.

    • krasman you fag soyjak, your article and your dumb followers are no means for us to stop! Black Metal is hateful in all its forms! More people like you appear in our music and our art, more we gonna manifest the pure intolerance against you and other subhuman scum!
      Remember one thing, BM is no safe place! Dont talk shit about things you dont know is my advise! Cucks and snitches have no place in our musick!

      btw your facebook is very nice! Nice unicorn flag with all its colours! You are just the typical kind of shit to hunt down untill the end of days!

  4. lol hateful is your trash lifestyle and a garbage place you were had no idea what actually metal is! you bastard!

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