Gloam, Obscure Evil send shocks down spinal cords with hellish, mashing black metal on 10″ split

It’s been a long, wonderful weekend celebrating metal here in Pittsburgh with the ceremony that is Migration Fest, so excuse us if we ease back into the week a little bit. There couldn’t be a better time for a smaller, but no less demolishing, release to come down the pike so we can remember how the hell we do this again.

Blood Harvest and Helter Skelter Productions have a killer 10” of splattering black metal coming your way from two bands that have their own fingerprints for how they interpret the sound. Gloam, who hail from Santa Cruz, Calif., are first up on this release, and they’re no strangers to this site, as we discussed their massive debut record “Hex of Nine Heads” that Gilead Media reissued as a two-LP release in late 2016. Their approach is blunt and brutal, and it practically hurts your psyche to take on their music (they also released two EPs and a demo over their time together). On the flip side come Obscure Evil, a Peruvian band that actually split up last year but still deliver hellacious goods with their two tracks they offer up. The band didn’t put out a ton of content in their time together, but their hellish push toward evil and nihilism suited black metal quite well, which their work here attests.

Gloam deliver “Black Swords of Desecration” that begins in a pit of feedback before the black metal hell begins. The track also is weird and proggy in its opening section, as black howls emerge from the clouds, and savage, fiery chaos is unleashed. The track gets oddly melodic while the thrashy menace lowers, and the ferocity amplifies the destruction before things slow down, and doomy mud spills. Gruff growls slither, while guitars boil and burn, and the track comes to a blistering big finish.

Obscure Evil’s coffin lid closure begins with “Tribes of Ueth” as organs swell and thicken the humidity, and then a punk-fueled black metal assault opens its gallop. Menacing growls and raw chaos emerge and send fires racing toward the village before all life is extinguished. “Necronihilism” has riffs crunching, while growls begin to rumble. The pace is ignited, as the song has an old-school black metal stench, with the band thrashing into a cauldron of molten soloing. That path goes off the rails, with the band bringing the song, and their lives, to as neck-jerking end.

Mangling fury and destructive intent sounds like the best way to wake up from a weekend of too many beers and a whole lot of being on your feet, and this 10” split record definitely delivers. Gloam’s campaign remains as healthy as ever, punishing your senses and muscles as they blast through your chest and guts. As for Obscure Evil, these are the final shovels of dirt on their rotting carcass that’s oozing and crusted over with disease forever.

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