Meat Mead Metal: Best of November

I can’t tell you how tired I am writing record reviews. I get that way come December after nearly 12 months of writing 4-5 pieces a week, and yeah, I’m sure you feel really bad for me. I’m just drained and burned out, but good news is starting next week, we begin recapping 2018, which was a really good year for metal. Lots of good stuff came out this year, tons of memorable shows, but that all will come back out over the next few weeks. Today, we give you some of the killer stuff we heard in November (though a few of our favorite records from Horehound and Arête are not yet on Spotify, but go listen to both right now!), and it’s a pretty diverse collection of stuff. Well, I have to get a tooth pulled from my skull tomorrow, so I’m going to go worry. But enjoy this list. And think about me bleeding from the mouth.

2 thoughts on “Meat Mead Metal: Best of November

  1. Hey Brian!

    The time feels about right to express my gratitude for your continued efforts despite some tough shit going on for you personally (as you’ve mentioned earlier).
    I love your blog and especially this feature. There really are only a few blogs with such high quality writing about quality music (might be even fewer now.. sup with stereogum’s black market?!).
    Discovering music and anticipating new ones really gives me some grip and helps me a lot (guess i’m often on the edge of gliding down into depression). At the risk of sounding pathetic I’d say that my life would be much worse without blogs like yours.
    I am really looking forward for the year’s end list and hope you might want to continue next year.. I ll keep reading for sure 🙂
    Also good luck at the dentist!

    Cheers, Leon

    (I’m a german guy – might explain some of the mistakes)

    • Hi Leon,

      Thanks so much for that comment. That means a hell of a lot, and I am so happy that people enjoy the content I put out there. I started this thing after I got laid off from a job and was struggling to find work. The depression and hopelessness was getting to be too much, and I decided to just start a site where I talk about music I personally like. Not a tastemaker site or anything. I’d always get questions from people asking for recommendations, so I figured this site could solve that!

      Sorry that you’re feeling some darker times right now. Been there. Will be again. I’m glad you find sources not just here but elsewhere to keep you occupied. And yeah, what’s up with Black Market?! I wanted to see their year-end list! Thanks again, don’t be a stranger, and I hope you enjoy the year-end coverage.


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