Ewigkeit dig into UFO conspiracy, seek obscured truth in shadows on doom-glazed, grimy ‘DISClose’

When I was a kid, I was up late on a Saturday night, watching things on television I was not supposed to be seeing. It isn’t as salacious as it sounds. That usually meant pro wrestling on the old WWOR channel, which one night bled into a documentary called “Overlords of the UFO,” a film made in 1976 that scared the absolute shit out of me and haunted me for years.

UFOs and alien beings have long since fascinated me, which is a reason “DISClose,” the new record from UK-based experimental black metal/doom vets Ewigkeit grabbed my interest right away. Granted, I’ve always really enjoyed their stuff as, even though it’s super out there, it always feels genuine and fun to hear. That and Mr. Fog James Fogarty (who also heads up In the Woods…) is the sole creator here and really has poured a lot of himself into this record that digs deep into the Roswell, NM, conspiracy from 1947, where it is believed an alien spacecraft crashed to the Earth and was hidden from public knowledge. OK, yeah, I know they claim it was a weather balloon that fell, but come on now. First, that’s not fun to believe in at all. Second, no way would people be ready to handle that at the time, right after the end of World War II. Ewigkeit digs into all of that stuff, which makes this a record that’s a blast to hear and definitely will have you Googling shit left and right.

“1947” opens the album with a recording running back the events of July 8 of that year before a melodic run complete with harsh screams and a soaring chorus where Fogarty calls, “Angels fell from heaven to change the course of history.” The track chugs from there, with urges to break the secrecy and reveal truth. “Disclosure” starts with gothy synth before punches are landed, vicious growls explode, and the chorus soars. Fogarty opines about the creation of civilization, surely pointing to alien origins, before chant-style singing spills in, and the track ends in murk, acoustics, and strange keys. “Oppenheimer’s Lament” covers J. Robert Oppenheimer, known as the father of the atomic bomb, as the song starts with a clip about the devastating weapon. Grimy verses and a clean chorus mix in as guitars spread, the leads swell, and powerful singing pushes the song into a well of mystical keys.

“Guardians of the High Frontier” has trudging riffs and sinister doom-style singing, with Fogarty wondering, “Are you waiting for my return?” Guttural yelps last from there as keys send a thick fog, an old Ronald Reagan clip runs about facing alien beings, and forceful woah-oh calls power the track to its burn-out finish. “Resonance” also thickens dark doom waters, with slower verses and harsh cries scarring and the keys swirling and mesmerizing. The screams then aim to peel paint from the walls, as melodies rain down, thick growls punish, and the track comes to a hypnotic end. “Krill” has thick basslines buzzing, the song marching through the mud, and melodies snaking through the chaos. Guitars swing through, bringing sweltering madness before things fade away. “Moon Monolith” closes the record with a sorrowful pall, as Fogarty’s harsh screams smear, and a proggy storm gathers overhead. Clean singing enters and frosts over the track, as Fogarty mourns the fallen pilots, urging people to wake up to government secrecy. Jagged riffs open wounds, the singing causes mists to cover, and the track ends its mission headed into the stars.

“DISClose” is a blast of a record, a dose of strange black metal that’ll have your mind warped and you gazing at the skies, wondering what mysteries have been held from us. Ewigkeit also remains a vital, fluid project nine records into their run, and Mr. Fog sounds like he’s hardly running out of fuel and still has a ton on his mind. That’s a win for all of us, especially those who’ve long wondered what’s going on in other worlds and how much of that has crossed over to our plane.

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