Southwest’s Heretical Sect put light on region’s bloody history on ‘Rapturous Flesh Consumed’

Photo by Brandon Soder

That dumb clown fuck that just lost the election and keeps getting beaten like a drum in baseless court challenges pushed forward an idea about patriotic learning curriculum he wanted forced through that would serve to whitewash this country’s horrifying moments from history and basically stand in as an America fuck yeah woo retelling of shit that always gave this nation a really foul reputation.

People who want knowledge always will be able to find it no matter what kids are taught (man, was my historical education slanted as fuck), because the bloody paths left behind are what help us learn and hopefully prevent those things from happening again. American Southwest-based black metal force Heretical Sect are seeing to it that atrocities in their region never are swept under the carpet, and their massive debut “Rapturous Flesh Consumed” tells the story of Salvador de Guerra, a Catholic padre who is responsible for vast amounts of death and torture of the Hopi tribe in New Mexico in the 17th century, all fueled by his visions of Christianity. By the way, it’s not an easy Google search to find information on what happened, but dig deeply and you can learn the horrifying details. The band—vocalist/drummer Death Warg, guitarists Coffin Beast and Crypt Hammer, bassist Demonic Haze—eschews revealing their identities (though members play in other bands such as Superstition and Predatory Light), with the goal of getting people to concentrate on the music and the madness they retell rather than who they are. Even had they stepped out of the shadows, there’s no way you can take your mind off their violent mission and path of destruction.

“Rising Light of Lunacy” opens pounding away as growls entangle, growing utterly filthy as they crawl through the dust. The riffs then kill with stunning precision, the bass recoils, and the drums destroy, ending the track with a warped assault. “Baptismal Rot and Ash” runs a healthy 10:34, the longest track on the record, and it opens in sooty fury and doomy slurring, with strange growls breathing down your neck. The track then paralyzes with brutal growls and dark emissions flowing through spiraling guitars and animalistic attacking. The track turns darker and burly as snarled dialog pushes into a strange sound cloud that eventually dissipates. “The Depths of Weeping Infinity” starts with the drums making paste of your bones and growls rumbling through a mauling pace. Hypnotic guitars cause strange feelings as growls simmers, the pace destroys, and confounding melodies slam shut the door.

“Degradation Temple” runs a meaty 7:08 and has guitars rising before burning off fuel. Detached vocals swim in the ether, and the intensity then gives way to a slower, though no less heavy, pace. Bizarre calls twist your brain as speak-like growls stomp, and the riffs catch fire again. Another dose of alien oddity sends pulses as guitars tangle, and the track blasts out. “Resurrection Sky” is a quick one, running 2:27 and leaving you mentally steamrolled. Synth fog rises, deep growls cut into your guts, and the noise blares to its finish, spilling into closer “Ritual Inversion” that sends chills before the guitars blast to life. Cosmic impulses hammer while the vocals sprawl, with the manic pace continuing to confuse and crush. The playing then torpedoes as the drums go for throats, the intent is vicious and bloodthirsty, and the final moments melt into a dream haze.

Heretical Sect’s demonic haze of southwestern-inspired death and black metal rages with blood and fire on “Rapturous Flesh Consumed,” their great debut record that refuses to bury the region’s blood-soaked history. This is 36 minutes of relentless power, a record that’ll grind you down to your basic essence and erode you into the earth. This end-of-year destroyer jars you out of your autumnal slumber and reminds you there remains deadly metal left to arrive in cursed 2020, and this sure as fuck is some of it.

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