Terminal Bliss get behind tanker truck of fuel to dump on raging fire with crazed ‘Brute Err/ata’

Photo by Chris Boarts Larson

It’s hard to believe there aren’t tons of people that wake up every morning and just scream and scream into the sky at the whirlwind of shit that surrounds people who aren’t dripping with money. There’s such little concern from so many in power over environmental health and other people’s struggles as long as their bank account swells each year. We all like money. Is it worth hurting others to get even more?!

“Brute Err/ata” is the debut EP from Terminal Bliss, a band that was whipped together in a hurry containing members of noted groups such as Pg. 99, Pygmy Lush, Darkest Hour, City of Caterpillar and more, and it sounds like the very act described in the opening, screaming into the void for some kind of answer. The band—vocalist Chris Taylor, guitarist Mike Taylor, bassist Adam Juresko, drummer Ryan Parrish—also touches on the aforementioned subject matter as they see the suffering and strife marring our well-being, and this record seems like it sets out to attack and destroy those vile issues. These 10 tracks come at you with an intensity and vengeance, lasting almost 12 minutes combined and just destroying from front to back.      

“Clean Bill of Wealth” kicks in with an electro burst, ravaging shrieks, and total disorientation, slamming into “Anthropodmorbid” that lands a million punches and just leaves you gutted after a mere 27 seconds. “Dystopian Buffet” has synth zaps and noises piling up as the drums pound, and a storming punk edge adds thrashy menace to the cut. “The Ominous Hum” launches with hardcore-style intensity and a pace that leaves the room spinning dangerously, bringing sounds that are equally zany and putrid. “Small One Time Fee” jabs with noisy howls echoing and the pace pummeling, ripping through with unhinged energy. Warbled speaking and stretched guitars mangle before punching out with attitude. “8 Billion People Reported Missing” has cartoonishly fast guitar work, scathing shrieks, and damaging aggression, blasting into “Tumoresque” where the bass and drums combine to clobber. The playing drives daggers as things get oddly catchy before they knock you on your ass. “Discarded Wallet” has guitars ripping and speed mixing with rage, mashing suddenly to an end. “March of the Grieving Droid” piles on noise deteriorating and the bass driving, as howls and a punchy pace open lips. Things just come unglued, slaughtering and drenching everything in feedback. Closer “Hidden Handed Artificial Harassment Experimental Run Amok” rushes in with burly bass and a pace that explodes, while vile shrieks continue to increase the violence. Noise interference injects ferocity while the drumming topples, and everything ends in stuttering noise.

Terminal Bliss is the sound of four volatile forces coming together and creating something that feels like it is out of control and impossible to slow down. “Brute Err/ata” is just their first burst, and if this EP is any indication, their first full-length might be enough to continuing pouring gas on the fires in your chest and get rightfully fucking mad at forces trying to ravage us all. This is pure viciousness, and it feels just right considering the state of the world that isn’t changing any time soon.   

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