PICK OF THE WEEK: Body Void’s dire mission turns toward planet on smothering ‘… This Rotting Earth’

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but the Earth is suffering, and there are a lot of people, largely those in power who could influence change, who don’t give a fuck because money. You know, make the money, fuck everyone else, you’ll be dead before the globe swallows us. Except it might not be the case, and our demise might be much closer than we realize, and there are a lot of people trying to sound alarms to wake people to reality. 

Digging into morbidly and ideally titled “Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth,” the third record from doom destroyers Body Void, it immediately immerses you into those worries amid their impossibly heavy, gut-ripping sound that makes it feel like your chest is caving in when you see them live. Body Void is no stranger to tackling issues that are divisive politically (even though they shouldn’t be), and this record is perhaps their most urgent yet as it affects the entire planet. Woven into those woes, the band—guitarist/bassist/vocalist Will Ryan, drummer Edward Holgerson—is a furious defense of this planet, its horrible parts aside. The potentially irreparable harm, the escalating climate change, and the way we treat this place should be enough to upset anyone, and standing guard to defend our home to try to ensure its here and fully habitable for future generations is something for which we all should strive. 

“Wound” starts off the record in impossibly heavy fashion as the guitars scoff, and the pace pummels. Ryan’s shrieks eat into your psyche, something that never relents on this record, and the noise just swelters. The track then runs into demolition as the band absolutely hammers away, and then we’re back into doom storming and suffocating hell. The vocals pierce, the devastation floods, and everything ends in savage noise. “Forest Fire” begins with Ryan howling, “Watch it burn, celestial light, world consumed, your back is turned,” as the riffs swelter, and the boulders are dropped. The sounds churn and burn, and a thick bassline feels like a steel cord wrapped through as spine. The guitars gain humidity as they hang over the scene, just mauling and pounding away, tearing muscle. The pace then chars to a halt before squeals bring everything back, and the playing gets faster and meaner. The vocals crush while the drums explode, absolute violence spreads, and merciless panic ensues and blasts out.

“Fawn” pounds away immediately as Ryan’s vocals wrench, and a slow, plodding beating gets underway, bringing blood to the surface. The playing stretches and feels like it taxes the flesh, eating away with some psychedelic corrosion. Things then begin to kill, a punk/death amalgamation digs under your fingernails, and things get lumbering and deliberately pressure filled, smashing away until the noise fizzles. “Pale Man” ends the record and starts the path by hacking away, washing you in drubbing misery as Ryan’s shrieks deliver havoc. The playing trudges and snarls, pushing your face in the dirt, while every skull within 1,000 miles begins to implode and spray powder, heading into a feedback swell. The tempo then ignites, bringing direct jolts until things move back to a muddy speed, mashing away and destroying wills. Noise paces as the sounds scrape eardrums, your blood pulsates even harder, and Ryan’s final gasps punish as the track bleed away.

The tales Body Void tell on “Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth” sadly are not new ones, as we watch the Earth slowly turn against us, and we start seeing members of this global society try to find shelter. People such as Body Void and many others have taken this fight personally to protect the world in which they live and that they love. This is one of, if not the most important battle of our lives, and the heavy lessons brought forth on this record are ones other people must learn so we can save this place.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/bodyvoid

To buy the album, go here: https://shop.prostheticrecords.com/

For more on the label, go here: https://www.prostheticrecords.com/

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