Kataan’s spacious death metal stabs back at depressive states, dystopian trauma with debut EP

It’s easy to be overcome with anxiety and tension in these times, and even when it seems like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, there has been so much collateral damage done to many of us, that it could be years before we feel like ourselves again. If we even get to that point. That can give way to mental heaviness and dread, two things that make healing that much more difficult.

Kataan is a new death metal project pairing Nick Thornbury of the sadly defunct Vattnet Viskar on guitars and vocals and Brett Boland of Astronoid on bass and drums, but together that do something that’s not exactly a copy of either one of their other stomping grounds. Instead, we get atmospheric death metal that is immersed in depressive imagery and existential trauma, terrain that’s certainly rich right now with so many people suffering to get by. As dark as the creations they unleash on this four-track EP can be, it’s also the sign of new life for both artists as they open this fresh venture. The EP is heavy and a rush of atmosphere, the seeds planted on what hopefully is a fruitful project.  

“Erase” starts the record with mauling passion and growls pounding away, bringing the track to an early furious rage. “Open your eyes and see, hopes and dreams are just fantasies,” Thornbury wails as the track picks up intensity. “We are nothing, none of this matters,” he stabs as the track gets more punishing, spacious playing unloads, and everything rushes from your lungs. “Abyss” delivers melodic sorrow, and clean howls swelter over the chorus, adding new textures to the picture. An atmospheric gust moves in, the growls unleash anguish, and melodic fires continue to aggravate as everything rushes into the stratosphere. “Processor” begins with the drums turning everything to dust and the playing wailing as Thornbury howls, “The end is coming.” The chorus rushes through you and feels infectious as the demolition increases, and the earth feels like it’s being torn in two. The hammers continue to drop, the fearsome destruction spreads, and everything rushes away. “Vessel” ends the record with an energetic push as washed-out cries haunt, pushing the humidity through the roof. Deadly carnage goes for the guts as an atmospheric gaze takes hold, the shrieks shred, and molten gusting spits power, chugging out and ending the record on a bruising note.

Kataan’s debut EP delivers cataclysmic power and dystopian nightmares as you watch your reality unfold before you and turn to ash. There are mild hints of each man’s other bands, but for the most part, this is a new sonic venture for each, the heaviest stuff they’ve done in a long time. This is a really promising first burst for this band whose penchant for atmospheric death metal makes their music equally enthralling and completely devastating.   

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/kataanband/

To buy the album, go here: https://shop.prostheticrecords.com/

For more on the label, go here: https://www.prostheticrecords.com/

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