French sludge beasts Fange put massive beating on senses with earth-crushing EP ‘Pantocrator’

Seeing bands change and advance through the years can be a really exciting thing for fans as you experience this journey from release to release. A lot of bands make those shifts subtly so that you’re not jarred completely when taking on new music, while others don’t care if your brains are scrambled when you crack open the fresh material.

French sludge beasts Fange are ones that have made the changes slowly, but if you started at their 2016 debut full-length “Purge” and went right into their brand-new EP “Pantocrator,” you might more easily understand the shift. But for sure the band has been advancing, and this two-track EP almost is longer than some of their full albums, and the chaos and danger is noisier and grimier than ever. The band—vocalist Matthias Jungbluth, guitarist/vocalist Benjamin Moreau, bassist/vocalist Antoine Perron—pour all of themselves into this collection, and taking on the music means a commitment to handing over your mind and body to be devastated and put to the test, making your nerve endings stronger and awash in perseverance.  

“Tombé Pour La France” opens and runs a beastly 15:34, bludgeoning and sucking the air out of the room, making you feel like your head is in a fog. The vocals are fearsome as noise wafts, at times taking on an industrial bend, and strange voices swirl through your consciousness. The growls unload as the playing keeps getting heavier, smearing your face in the soot. Weirdness lands as the pressure mounts, vicious howls strike, and smearing synth brings on ice and snow, feeling moody before things get cataclysmic. The playing brawls, hammers are launched, and everything is beaten into a bloody paste.  “Les Vergers De La Désolation” is the closer, a 15:08-long smasher that starts with noise jolting, the tension simmering, and then howls going off. Synth settles as a fiery expanse tears through forests before the band unloads a million tons of thrashing. The voices sound mechanical at times, like alien robots are trying to communicate with you, and that attempts to melt minds. Total hell is unleashed as the earth burns, and a noise bath consumes everything in its path. The guitars glimmer, huge growls leave ample bruising, and all the gears gets caked with mud, leaving the machine choking smoke as the track comes to a gut-wrenching finish.

Fange’s savagery has hardly settled, and if anything, the fires burning within this band are raging out of control, which we hear in great detail on “Pantocrator.” This EP is as massive and mighty as some bands’ full-length records, and they pack every inch of this thing with volatility and chaos. This is an EP that’ll challenge you physically and mentally and slip out unscathed with bloods on its lips.    

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