PICK OF THE WEEK: Decrepisy mash layers of torment, trauma into madness on ‘Emetic Communion’

No one is immune to loss and tragedy, no one avoids the throes of trauma, no one leaves here undefeated, and to assume anything else is a goddamn lie you tell yourself. The world is full of pain and torment, which I shouldn’t have to tell anyone, but we live among people who have removed themselves from reality, so sometimes pointing out the obvious is necessary.

That crashes down around you on “Emetic Communion,” the debut full-length from Portland, Ore., death/doom crushers Decrepisy, and these five tracks are overwhelming examples of just how hard the negative times can impact you. Formed with members of bands such as Vastum, Acephalix, Ritual Necromancy, Funebrarum, and a slew of others, this album is darkness through and through, though its main impact is on your psyche. They unleash the pressure early on and just keep pushing until you feel the gravity, and the band—vocalist/guitarist Kyle House, guitarist Jonny Quintana, bassist Tim Lower, drummer Charlie Koryn—does not relent. The music is ugly and foreboding, and the vocals feel like they’re carving out space in your brain to eat away at you forever. Or as long as you can last.

“Dissipating Form” opens in the muck, rowing through doomy crushing and chugging as the guitars go nuts, giving off steam. Massive death growls from House aim to sicken as slow drubbing does ample damage to your body, and dizzying guitars make the room spin. The track stomps hard again, the blood boils off, and everything ends in smashing madness. The title cut spares you nothing as the pressure is applied right away, and thick bass snakes through the mud. The guitars spiral at first before giving off impressive heat as the soloing takes off, and vicious growls make their mark in your flesh. Ominous tones strengthen and suffocate while the back end fades slowly and with ill intent amplified.

“Embodied Decomposition” cuts right into bone and deeply as cool riffs peel back flesh, and the growls feel designed to maim. Guttural hell is unleashed, and fuck is it ever heavy as guitars jolt your bones, and mucky thrashing infects your blood. The track turns into a slow menace as the playing mauls infernally, and the track ends in a fatal blast. “Abbatoir of Sorrow” runs a healthy 10:34, and it makes the most of its extended time, opening into strange, eerie doom. The guitars scramble the senses as death rays feel like they’re working to evaporate you, and then the power mauls and insults your emotions. Growls melt flesh and liquify bone, the guitars rip into your arteries, and gravelly growls roll you in a grave of piss and acid, ending as bizarrely as it started. “Anxiety Womb,” which practically describes the state in which I’ve been living, ends things, a chilling instrumental outro with synth, hypnotic chimes, and space fumes that drag you to the beyond.

After taking on “Emetic Communion,” it almost goes without saying that these songs are informed by trauma and devastation, because every moment of Decrepisy’s debut rolls in that generously and always makes you feel like your chest is heaving. The death is harrowing and ugly, the doom is thick and intrusive, and the entire album leaves its mark on you well after it has finished. This is a powerful, menacing collection that never releases in strangulating hold and demands you pay the price.  

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/Decrepisy-101533198428178/

To buy the album, go here: https://chaos-records.bandcamp.com/album/emetic-communion

Or here: https://seedofdoom.bandcamp.com/album/emetic-communion

Or here: https://lifeafterdeath.bandcamp.com/album/emetic-communion

For more on the label, go here: https://www.chaos-records.com/

And here: https://www.facebook.com/SeedOfDoom/

And here: https://lifeafterdeath616.com/

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