Swedish beasts Firebreather pepper their doom with riffs, melody on ‘Dwell in the Fog’

For as much doom as I consume on a regular basis, which is quite a lot, I almost never do so in an altered state. I know, I’m doing it wrong, and I fully acknowledge this. I’ll try to work on this during 2022 as I strive to become a better person. I feel like because of this, I have not really indulged in what doom truly can mean to imagination and body because I’m always of clear mind.

Maybe I’ll start this venture with “Dwell in the Fog,” the third record from Swedish stoner doom crushers Firebreather who make one fuck of a case for vibing out with riffs on this six-track album. Thing is, every experience I’ve had with this record I’ve been 100 percent sober, so that goes to show you the power of this music and the energy they inject in these songs because I’ve done nothing but enjoy this beast every time I went to bat against it. The band—vocalist/guitarist Mattias Nööjd, bassist Nicklas Hellqvist, drummer Carl-Axel Wittbeck—lays it on thick battering you with killer riffs, a rumbling low-end assault, and vocals that are harsh but approachable, making for a record that’ll go down even better when the temperatures warm up.

“Kiss of Your Blade” heats up with heaviness in the form of doomy punchiness and gruff shout singing, pumping the blood in your veins. Great leads steam, and then we hit a higher energy level, as Nööjd howls, “Shake the ground! Levitate!” as the pummeling melts out into energetic haze. “Dwell in the Fog” has guitars bubbling in before things unload in a calculated manner, the singing scraping flesh. The vocals stretch out and flex as burly tones take over, the power bristles, and feedback clouds coat the skies. “Weather the Storm” starts cleaner before things get aggressive and the howls punish before the tempo kicks in harder. Defiant vocals and electric jolts combine to let the lava flow heavily, the bass prowls dangerously, and the track hammers to a numbing end.

“Sorrow” cuts in and chugs, the roars stretch, and the pace begins to sink in its teeth, tearing away muscle. The leads begin to light up and gash through steel as the heat continues to increase, the playing crushes, and everything ends in mauling energy. “The Creed” starts with the drums spilling and a blistering low end blackening eyes as the fuzz kicks up and accumulates. The soloing floods as punches land and do ample damage, swimming in raucous energy. “Spirit’s Flown” is the closer that dawns in spacey noise and dusty guitars before things erupt, and a blistering, trudging assault starts to gain steam. The guitars blossom into psychedelic storming, aggravating fires and taking their time to increase the ambiance, and the things gets crunchier and abrasive, ending in feedback flattening.

Firebreather use “Dwell in the Fog” not only to deliver a hammer blow to those who choose to take on this record but also to increase their own profile in the swelling stoner doom category. They do it with precision, some muscle, and a lot of energy, making it feel like you’re battling a noise storm that is intent on making it feel like you’ve been through a battle. On the other side of it, yeah, you’ll be sore, but you’ll also know you weathered a journey worth the mileage.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/firebreathergbg/

To buy the album, go here: https://www.ridingeasyrecs.com/product/firebreather-dwell-in-the-fog/

For more on the label, go here: https://www.ridingeasyrecs.com/

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