Triumvir Foul launch offensive to torch malignant forces on savage ‘Onslaught to Seraphim’

There are plenty of people frustrated with religion right now, especially here in the United States where we’re basically under Christian control and where the separation of church and state have been burned as thoroughly as Nordic churches in the early 1990s. It’s infuriating and unacceptable to subject people to a book written 2,000 years ago when technology and knowledge was primitive and when plenty of people don’t care to live by a religion in which they have no investment.

Not that “Onslaught to Seraphim” is inspired by what’s going on in this place, but Triumvir Foul sure as hell sound like they’re sharpening their blades and activating their warn horns on this devastating piece of work. This third record, their first full-length since 2017’s volcanic “Spiritual Bloodshed,” might as well unite those who refuse to live under religious tyranny and will fight back at all costs. The band— guitarist/bassist/vocalist Ad Infinitum (Ash Borer, Serum Dreg), drummer Cedentibus (also of Ash Borer and Serum Dreg as well as Utzala, Dagger Lust and plenty of others)—sounds as channeled and violent as ever as their mix of volcanic black and death metal acts as a firestorm of chaos designed to battle forces that have become oppressive and dangerous. This is livid, putrid, poisonous madness, which is exactly what we need right now.

“Presage” starts this psychological warfare with ominous keys floating and grunted chants before the guts are ripped out violently. The pace is furious as the band tears toward you, delivering punishment that pelts your brain as the final screams wretch with hell. “Flesh Diocese” not only is a great song title, it’s a total ripper, the guitars attacking the reckless bloodshed, the vocals cutting through bones. The leads blaze brightly as howls open congealed wounds, the delirious final moments melting flesh. “Domini Befallen (to Doom)” is sludgy and mauling, letting molten rock bubble through the earth, tearing open and bringing devastation along. Beastly growls pummel, the guitars simmer, and the pace chars, leaving ash and blood behind. “Bašmu Enthralled, Horned Creations” bleeds in and slowly comes to life, the growls strangling as the power eventually bursts. It tears open with a tornadic fury, the playing batters, and the monster lurches again, scraping flesh and taking psyches with it.

“Serpents’ Gnash for War” destroys right away with nasty, bloodthirsty rage, the growls massacring as the pace gets even more humid. Your mind is put to the test, the bass drags bodies behind it, and the leads emit terrible heat as everything ends abruptly. “Slither of Corruption (The Demise of the Three Serpents)” is smashing as the riffs encircle and the growls crush before things gets speedier. Maniacal howls mix with the playing that drills you to the ground, an absolute death crush is achieved, and the power blasts to the end. “Infected Virtue” unleashes rampaging guitars and vile howls, the fluttering pace making your blood rush. The steam rises as the pace rips hard, skulls are crushed, and everything rams into the closing title track that blasts through in a blinding fury. The drums maul as everything comes at you in devastating, dark waves, the vicious growls sounding like they’re gurgling blood. The leads spark fire, raw playing severs spines, and everything spills into hell.

“Onslaught to Seraphim” is a total declaration of war on your senses and the forces Triumvir Foul find oppressive and ripe for destruction. Every record from this band seems to up the hellish ante and puts more weaponry into the fight that won’t end until every opponent’s blood has been shed. This is relentless, unforgiving music that could scare the fuck out of those unprepared for the assault.

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