Death/grind killers Dehiscence apply boots to throats, create bloodshed on debut EP ‘Colony’

Hey, you’re not doing anything constructive, run into the living room and grab my stogies. Oh, and take like 17 minutes of out of your day to orient yourself with putrid, pestilence-dripping death metal and grind that’ll make your body and mind feel even worse than usual once consumption has finished. Sounds like a great way to end the month, yes?

The band in question here is Dehiscence, and their debut mini album “Colony” is the type that, if manifested into human form would be sweaty, smell awful, and live a life surrounded by filth. Pretty fucking hot, huh? Well, it’s not meant to be easily digestible, and the eight tracks found on this festering wound of an EP will eat into your guts and leave pain and pus behind. The band—guitarist/bassist/vocalist Stillbirth, lead guitarist  Gangrene, drummer Hammer Pulse, most likely not their government names—wastes no time getting knee deep in the muck, pulling you down to their level and grabbing you so forcefully into the grossness that you get some in your mouth.  

“Demented Terror” opens with deep roars and a blinding pace that sets the stage for the rest of the record. Battering and trudging guitars make their case as the growls rumble through a snarling burst of power. “Leperphiliac” is heavy and relentless, the growls flexing their muscles as everything fires away and spirals. The tempo pummels as the ash gets thicker, and you’re left no choice but hack the soot from your lungs. “Lobotomized at Birth” starts with the drums destroying and the rest of the elements following suit, coming dangerously close to your chest cavity. The playing chugs as the guitars take flight, and everything catches fire and bows to a maniacal pace. “Against Your Will” pounds away as jarring howls loosen teeth, and the guitar work lacerates and sends blood spurting. Growls rip through as the bludgeoning gains more steam, everything ending in complete chaos.

“Animal Abuse” is gutting as animalistic howls go for the throat, raspy howls raining down and adding to the misery. The intensity hits an even higher gear as the thrashing multiplies, deathly misery spreads, and everything burns off into the dirt. “Begging” smashes right off the bat as the growls deal ample punishment, and the playing drubs unforgivably. The guitars tangle and blind as furious growls flatten, pushing the air from your lungs. “Rust Wound” charges up and mashing bones while the guitars entangle you in violence. A furious menace flashes its blades as the splattering sends blood and flesh flying, the guitars leaving scathing wounds. Closer “Divergent” is over before you know it, serving speed and battering power, the riffs gaining power, and the howls tearing out your guts.

This is a record where you won’t feel good at all once it’s over, and I’m pretty sure that is Dehiscence’s entire agenda. “Colony” feels disease-infested from the start, and things only get more ominous and destructive as these eight songs play out fully. This initial offering from this three-headed beast is a warning of what’s to come, namely disgusting grind and death that’ll gnaw off your face.   

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