PICK OF THE WEEK: Thrashing fury lathered over Ready for Death’s brain-melting self-titled debut

I don’t know how many bands were formed from kids kicking and striking each other, but we know that number isn’t zero. This isn’t as bad or as objectionable as it might sound on the surface as we’re not here to encourage youth violence. In this case, we’re talking about kids learning Tae Kwon Do, and how one particular class led us to Ready for Death.

Vocalist Artie Thomas and guitarist Dallas Thomas both had their kindergarten-aged kids in the same class, and later on, the two got to know of each other’s background as Thomas did vocals in Indecision, Millhouse, and Concrete Cross, while Thomas played with Pelican, Asschapel, and Swan King. That birthed Ready for Death and their self-titled debut record that’s a raucous, smashing collection of 10 tracks that dabble in death metal, hardcore, punk, and thrash spread over an economical 22 minutes. The band—rounded out by guitarist Dan Binaei (Racetraitor, Haggathorn), bassist/backing vocalist Luca Cimarusti (Annihilus), and drummer Shawn “The Beast” Brewer (Haggathorn)—wasted no time whipping this frenzy together, with the lyrics based on a sci-fi dystopia where two cosmic forces battle for the bones of a nuclear-ravaged earth. It’s a fast, furious great time that spills blood and crushes bones.

“Vaporized” is an opening blast that crushes you fast and effectively, mangling with relentless power and sooty madness that churns inside your belly. “Blackmasker” brings spiraling guitars and mangling howls, defacing your mental well-being and bringing a boiling pace that amplifies the humidity. The chorus is simple but effective, blackness spreads its wings, and everything ends in filth. “Chamber of Disease” rips by, thrashing and stomping, aiming to gut you alive with sharp riffs and ugly power that makes everything feel awful inside. “Cyborg Priest” is fun as fuck as strange howls meet up with black metal-style melodies and storming terror that has its way with you. Things gets daring and stabbing, the leads blaze, and the rowdy gang shouts of, “Cyborg priest!” are impossible to remove from your brain. “Synthezoid Warrior” flattens with devastating riffs and drums destroy, and infectious energy shoots through your veins. Deliberate thrashing changes the pace a bit, the playing twists muscles, and the final blows leave you gasping.

“Savior Sinner” is speedy with wild shrieks and a storming assault, pushing and bruising with no sign of mercy. “Church of the Nuclear Bomb” trudges as rapid-fire howls devastate, and darkness is abound, the simple, effective chorus feeling like the earth is imploding and swallowing you into that gaping maw. “Wasteland of Peace” is dark and sooty, a change of pace that leans more on increasing the threatening shadows than destroying your spine. Not that the track holds back at all as it scorches and scars, rubbing your face in the bloody mud puddles. “Worldwide Blackout” packs a punk edge and wastes no time kicking up dust, the leads adding strange new colors. Harsh howls drive in the daggers, the playing pounds, and the final moments burn off into a vapor cloud. Closer “Microchip Mutilation” is the epic of the bunch at 3:34, and it immediately plasters, adding some hardcore toughness and mauling chaos that wastes no time spilling over. “I rip myself apart,” White howls as deadly thrashing sinks in its teeth, and brain-voiding heat ends worlds.

Leave it to little kids kicking and punching to spawn an exciting and devastating new band, but that’s what we have with Ready for Death and their monstrous debut offering. These tracks are fast and effective, stripped of excess, and go straight for your neck with no concerns for your health. This is a promising project, one that has sharp teeth, misleading hooks, and plenty of aggressive blows to leave you prone on the ground, aimlessly trying to defend yourself.  

To buy the album, go here: https://www.facebook.com/readyfordeathband/

To buy the album, go here: https://translationloss.com/products/ready-for-death

For more on the label, go here: https://translationloss.com/

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