Brutal delivery: Krallice

One of the many nice things attached to writing about music for a (sort of) living is sometimes you get pleasant surprises in your mailbox. And with the age of digital music in full swing, the days of getting promo material delivered by your neighborhood mail carrier is becoming something of a rarity.

Surely, it’s cheaper to send out a download code or to post materials to a press site for consumption, and it’s way more environmentally conscious to halt mailing large packets with a CD and reams of bio material considering most of what you need can be found online. Plus, and this may just be me, but I never got when I’d get a huge packet of reviews from other outlets about the album in my hands (or in many cases, past albums … which is totally not relevant to me). I don’t give a shit about other reviews, so I NEVER look at those things. Never. Useless. And the majors wonder why they’re bleeding money. Well, THAT and all their shitty signings and mismanagement.

So back on topic. Today was one of those awesome days where, in the mail was a small, compact package containing a record I was chomping at the bit to hear – Krallice’s new “Diotima.” Profound Lore still mails out physical promos, but they keep it simple, with an informative one-page bio and the music. Easy, simple stuff. Plus, from what I’ve read of label head Chris Bruni’s battles with the Canadian postal service, we journalists who still like receiving physical music in the mail should feel thankful, because the rates seem fairly shitty (though it sounds like mailing within Canada is way more expensive than sending materials elsewhere, if you can believe it). That said, I’ve spent some time with the record today, as one might expect. Nowhere near ready to render a review of this thing. That takes time. I don’t get how some people can listen to an expansive piece of music and, five minutes later, crank out a review. That’s a very specific reference to something, but let’s not go any further with it. Anyhow, on just a very initial basis, the record sounds really great. It’s vintage Krallice progressive black metal, but there are some nice new twists and turns. There’s a section on “The Clearing” where the playing, to me, sounds like classic Rush. It’s imaginative, heady, exciting and morbidly nerdy, just as I had hoped. That’s all I can say, really, and that’s all top-of-my-head, gut-reaction stuff. Please, again, do not mistake this as a review. I have some links below if you want to hear a couple of the songs off “Diotima” (The Clearing” being one of them). Enjoy!

To hear “The Clearing” (and other PF stuff), go here:

To hear “Litany of Regrets,” go here:

Also, Krallice is hitting the road for a short tour with blackened death metal troupe Withered (their “Dualitas” is one of last year’s best metal records). Should be an epic show, and for once, Pittsburgh’s actually get a slot on the routing. It’s at Gooski’s, where it’ll be asshole hipster central, but whatever. It’ll be fun hearing those pricks go, “Ewwww, metal,” while sloppily discussing the hops content of their beers, like they know what they’re talking about. I hope a pool table gets lit on fire. Poster with tour dates below.