Bloody eardrums: Best metal tracks of the final quarter of 2011


We did best-of entries for the first three quarters of the year, and I’d be remiss not to do one for the fourth quarter of 2011. Yet, it seems a little stupid. We’re doing best-of-the-year stuff soon, and some of the stuff I’d point out is going to appear there. I hate redundancy, you know?

But I don’t want to ignore what’s been fun the last three months of the year. So let’s do this a little differently. Instead of rehashing what records I really liked from October until now, let me instead give you a taste of what some of my favorite songs from those albums were and post them for you here. That way, I still can praise these bands but instead give you an idea of what they sound like, in case you’re unfamiliar.

So here goes …

Antediluvian remind me of what it might be like if some really advanced cavemen were jettisoned to modern times, inserted into a room with a ton of instruments, and somehow managed to crank out an unhinged, sick, mind-blowing, technically astonishing death metal album with “Through the Cervix of Hawwah.” Look it up. I have a review in the next issue of Outburn so, you know, buy that. Also, buy this crazy-as-shit record that’ll remind you a bit of Portal, StarGazer and Impetuous Ritual.

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“Dwellings,” the new record from Cormorant is an absolute triumph, one of the most enthralling, emotional, gripping albums of any genre this year. We raved about it right before its release, and NPR named it metal record of the year. Trust me when I say this won’t be the last time you hear about this record on our site this year. I love the song “Funambulist,” listed below. Just dreamy and savage equally. Do yourself a favor and buy this thing.

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Chasma is another band we discussed on these pages, and their majestic, sprawling, epic black metal stood as some of the most exciting material released this year by Moribund, a label that hasn’t done much for me the last 12 months. The Mylene Sheath, a rad label that’s put out some killer stuff this year, handled the vinyl. This Portland, Ore., band made hellacious waves with “Declarations of the Grand Artificer,” and this album actually got me through an extended stay at the car repair shop without me wanting to strangle anyone. That’s a big victory.

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Speaking of stuff released by the Mylene Sheath, the new album from Cincy’s Beneath Oblivion just crushed us under the weight of its doom towers. The record is really long. Like, really, really long, damn near double-album territory, but it’s unquestionably awesome. “From Man to Dust” never feels like a long document, which is key, and it’s one of the heaviest records in a whole sea of them from 2011. Scotty T. Simpson’s vocals will scare the hell out of the you, and the band’s mix of sludge and doom will leave you a whimpering heap in the corner of your room.

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There were many other strong records from the final quarter of the year – WOLD’s criminally misunderstood “Freermasonry,” one of their most interesting and elusive records ever; Giant Squid’s aquatically adventurous EP “Cenotes”; Panopticon’s excellent and anguishing “Social Disservices”; Locrian’s massive “The Clearing” – but we’d be here all day posting songs. Check out everything mentioned, as they all come highly recommended.