Krisiun remain steady, violent as they go on eighth record ‘The Great Execution’

There’s something to be said for consistency. That sometimes ends up being a negative for people who want bands to stay fresh and try new things, and often when those experiments come to pass, disaster results. But bands that have a style, do it well, and stick with it keep their fans satisfied because consumers know what they’re getting.

Brazilian death/thrash veterans Krisiun haven’t changed a whole hell of a lot over eight records, the newest being “The Great Execution.” And for them, that’s OK. Their style of metal is vicious, expertly played, well-recorded and angry. This trio of brothers knows what they do well and don’t veer too far from that. It might not excite people who hoped they’d get something totally different with their new record – and to those folks, what is wrong with you? – but you’ll have something that’ll fit nicely sonically with the rest of their catalog.

The album cover is horrific and cataclysmic, just what you’d expect from these guys, and the music puts to shame their homeland kingpins Sepultura, who long, long ago totally lost their way. My review of Krisiun’s new record is up and live now at Lambgoat (link below), so you can read my comprehensive thoughts on “The Great Execution.” As usual, find links below to go buy the new record for someone you’ve so far neglected in your holiday shopping. Or get it for yourself so you can immerse yourself in hate while you’re driving among morons the next few weeks.

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