Everything Went Black keep things short, sweet, violent on debut ‘Cycles of Light’

There’s something about a nice blast of chaos that’s packed into a small package that doesn’t take too long to make its point. That’s why Nails are so effective. You get an 11-minute album but a through ass kicking. No more is needed. Same goes for Trap Them and Black Breath, bands that are as savage as any Satan-worshipping black metal outfit but know how to make a point quickly and effectively.

That opening, and those bands I mentioned, feed right into today’s topic, that being “Cycles of Light,” the debut full-length album by hardcore crushers Everything Went Black. The St. Louis band formed in 2009 and put out a few smaller efforts before offering up this album for Lost Shepherd/Prosthetic. This 27-minute lip-splitter will make you think of the bands cited above, as well as groups such as Converge and The Hope Conspiracy, with a touch of the death metal must-haves Slayer and Entombed that are embraced by this genre. It’s heavy, often doomy, continually raucous and yet another solid entry into the growing list of metallic hardcore bands that have been trumpeted by labels such as Southern Lord and Deathwish Inc. But this one is Prosthetic’s gain, a label that’s made some damn interesting signings lately with this band, Primitive Weapons, Hour of Penance and Mutilation Rites (one of my more anticipated records of 2012).

“Cycles of Light” takes no time at all to set up shop and then level that area with a wrecking ball. After the doomy, newsfeed-heavy opening instrumental “IX,” the band rips right into “Gods of Atlantis,” a song that has some melody at its core but also bludgeons you with thrashy riffs and a stomping tempo. “Halo of Vultures” pulls back on the reins some, but Brandon Hoffman’s throaty growls sound no less venomous. “Lifeless” takes things back down a rocky road, with violent twists and turns, along with some oddly gothy melodies. And you rightfully can draw a conclusion from the song title that things are looking pretty bleak lyrically. “Parades” and “Kingdoms” stand as the “epics” of this collection, both clocking in at over five minutes, with each track letting the band expand their sound a bit. In fact, “Parades” ends in a cascade of churning cello and somber emotion. “Thorn Feeders” is a total demolition, and the record ends with “Baptists,” a crushing anthem that goes right for your throat.

Everything Went Black are doing metallic hardcore a lot of good by adding their two cents into the swirling madness. They belong mentioned in the same breath as the like-minded bands above, and their live show must be a thing to behold. The video below is your evidence. Cover your face. The band also inspired me to dial back the prose, as less is more when discussing the band. They’re a band that must be experienced, so shut your mouth, stop reading and go get your face kicked into the back of your skull.

For more on the band, go here: http://everythingwentblack.us/

To buy “Cycles of Light,” go here: http://store.prostheticrecords.com/index.php/lost-shepherd-recordings.html

For more on the label, go here: http://prostheticrecords.com/