Lair of the Minotaur’s ‘Godslayer’ EP will be one of the most explosive RSD releases

Lair band
I think we all can agree this has been a particularly shitty week in the United States, and what we all could use right now is a little release. Um, sorry, Laura Jane Grace. Anyway, yeah, there are new songs from hulk beasts Lair of the Minotaur, and it’s fitting we get these now because having these heathens back can only mean smiles on metalheads’ faces. We could use that.

The last we heard from the unit was in 2010 on their “Evil Power” album (out on Grind-House Records), a raucous, fun record that got a lot of loud play in my house, much to my wife’s chagrin. Their songs on battlefield glory, taking on mythical beats, and overall debauchery are great at the end of a bad week when you need a boost and 10 beers to make you feel better, and while their music is serious and as brutal as anyone’s, you can let loose and have fun because things aren’t a million percent serious in their cave. You can just enjoy yourself.

lair coverThe band has a lovely little gem out for Record Store Day, that being their new 7″ EP “Godslayer,” a nearly nine-minute package that might not tide you overly entirely for a new Lair full-length but should act as one healthy appetizer. The Chicago-based trio currently stands as longtime guitarist and lead yowler Steven Rathbone, bassist Nate Olp, and drummer Chris Wozniak, which is the same group that brought you “Evil Power,” and these two new cuts should brutalize you nicely, give you a reason to take off your shirt and yell in your house, and just have a fucking good time.

The opener is your title cut, a chugging, pounding slab of sludgy death and doom. This is total Lair-trademarked madness, with Rathbone howling his head off, the guitar work setting up a thick, bloody killing floor, and the drums pulverizing your senses. Toward the end, there are mad howls of the song’s title, complete with the rest of these goons making things as crushing and furious as they can, and the double kick drum assault that carries this into the night is deadly and borderline cruel. “The Black Heart of Stygian Darkness” has barked vocals, a thrashy demeanor, and some doom dumped in for good measure. Rathbone damn near approaches pig squeal territory in spots, and the song itself is as heavy as the band comes. Then it stops on a dime and sci-fi keys woosh in and bring the song to its eerie, science lab conclusion. You’ll be confused!

This 7″ is a fucking bastard, and you’d do yourself a lot of good to hit the shops Saturday morning and get your hands on this thing. I know I’m going to have it on my wish list.

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Other than Lair, there are many other metal-related goodies out for RSD. Below I’ll wrap up what you can look for tomorrow domestically. Yeah, OK, some of it isn’t really stuff we ordinarily cover here, but I don’t know what you all like. Get off my ass. Maybe you like one of these bands. Anyway, here goes:

RSD Exclusives:

  • All That Remains – “Fall of Ideals” 12-inch
  • At the Drive In – “Relationship of Command” 12-inch
  • Botch – “American Nervoso” Deluxe 2xLP
  • Cave In – “Until Your Heart Stops” 12-inch
  • Deep Purple/Type O Negative – “Side By Side: ‘Highway Star’” 7-inch
  • Deftones – “Live Vol. 1 – Selections from ‘Adrenaline’” 12-inch
  • Dio/Killswitch Engage – “Side By Side: ‘Holy Diver’” 7-inch
  • Dust – “Dust/Hard Attack” 2xLP Gatefold

RSD Regional or Limited Run releases:

  • Akimbo – “Live to Crush” LP
  • Between the Buried and Me – “Parallax 1 and 2” 3×12-inch vinyl box; “Anatomy of” 12-inch
  • Dio – “Magica” 12-inch picture disc
  • Earth Crisis – “Firestorm” 12-inch
  • Katatonia – “Buildings” 7-inch
  • Lamb of God – “New American Gospel” gray marble 12-inch
  • Snapcase – “Steps” 12-inch
  • Testament – “Dark Roots Covers” 7-inch picture disc
  • The Atlas Moth/Wolfhammer – split 7-inch

That, according to the Record Store Day web site, is what’s available. There’s probably more. Earache is doing a shortest LP in the world release, but that’s not listed. Likely it’s a European-only release. Anyway, I know people get all snooty about RSD and say it’s a way for labels to gouge you and blah blah blah. Whatever. No one is forcing you to buy anything. The point is to get you in the store, maybe you’ll find something you like, and perhaps it’ll ignite a love for shopping for music. I love it; it’s one of my favorite days of the year. Have fun, go buy records, and spend the whole night listening to your newfound treasures.

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