Black metal heathens Ruin Lust unleash chaos on their destructive debut album

RL_promoI’ve mentioned before that I try to go out of my way to not read biographical material on new bands because I don’t want anything in a press release or history to sway my manner of thinking about the music I’m about to experience. Fair or not, those details can influence a way a person thinks about or prematurely judges music, and that can be unfair.

But avoiding bios or press releases isn’t always something that can be done, and in fact, try as I might not to read too far ahead the first time I hear a band, I’m typically not successful in that venture. In fact, when the debut from Ruin Lust landed in my inbox, all I had to see was a member of Fell Voices was in that band, and it immediately made me anticipate a certain sound and a particular way of doing things. Fell Voices have their times where they can be volcanic and confrontational, but their epics tend to be atmospheric and thought provoking, giving you a few punches in the gut when you need it. But we’re only talking one FV member in this band — that being drummer Mike (who also contributes vocals) — that having that preconceived notion wasn’t giving proper due to the other two members. Of course, one visit with their five-song debut changed all of that.

PV-VI Ruin Lust coverRuin Lust seem hell bent on destroying you mentally and physically form the word “go,” and the molten fury that sprawls forth on their self-titled album sounds like the product of pure anger and aggression. These guys mar the shit out of you, and in a live setting, I could see things perhaps getting a little out of hand. Guitarist/vocalist Joe and bassist/vocalist Seth join Mike to create thrashing, mashing, doom-friendly black metal that goes right for the throat. They’re not concerned with playing with atmospherics and trying to set a heady mood. They’re here for the pure demolition of it all, and you’ll know that to be true mere moments after you put the music on and let yourself be abducted, beaten, and left in a field with the air stinging your oozing wounds.

Opener “Obedience” gives you a good idea of what’s in store for you on this record, with deep, vicious growls, crushing savagery, and thrashy meanness that has nothing but ill intent in store for you. Eventually it slows down and slips into doomy terrain, lurching like a monster. “Primal Vision” is fast, fiery, and violent, mashing you into submission, and driving and penetrating into your face with its drilling melodies. Toward the end, Joe’s soloing catches fire and shows a more dynamic side to the band. “Tethered and Lashed” is blistering and totally dominating, with drums that seek to bruise your face and thrashy lead lines that are as fun as they are violent. Toward the end, the guys hit a nice groove and light shit on fire, with scorching chaos spilling all over the place.

The final two cuts make up the two-part “Skin Hunger” that takes up about the final 12 minutes of the collection. Part 1 is drubbing and doom-infested, trudging along in its gruesome tracks and letting things reach a new level of ugliness. Harsh, skin-shredding vocals blast into the scene, and it sets the pace for Part 2, which ignites from the start. A thundering drum assault blasts open, and the guitars reach a spooky black metal-style haunting that might ice your skin cells. The song is a clobbering serving of metallic carnage that never relents for even a second and ends the record of a smoldering note.

Ruin Lust’s debut is a fantastic listen, and I imagine these songs will sound even better and more explosive in a live setting. These three guys do a fine job suiting and dealing out punishment, and while they still have a ways to go before they match the underground profile of Fell Voices, there’s no reason they can’t get there in time, if that’s something that even matters to them. In the meantime, I hope they keep refining their skills to become an even deadlier killing machine.

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