Canadian black metal punishers Gevurah debut ominously with EP ‘Necheshirion’

I love a record that, as soon as you play it, you can feel the anger and fury coursing through the band’s veins, into their music, and into your head. You don’t have to listen for words or look up the songs titles or do any other kind of introspection to know you’re in the presence of pure hate.

The debut EP from Canadian black metal force Gevurah is one of those types of efforts, and every time I hear it I practically beg for a violent thunderstorm or some sort of chaos to erupt so there can be a surrounding force just as crushing as the music I hear from these guys. This effort “Necheshirion” is but five songs and lasts a little over 32 minutes, but even in that EP-sized explosion, you get a full dose of maniacal energy and heathen force that I wonder how devastating a full-length effort from this band would be. God forbid we meet the day where we find out, but I do believe that day could be coming.

Gevurah coverIt’s probably not a mistake that it sounds like these guys—drummer/vocalist X.T., and guitarist/bassist A.L.— are dishing out punishment, as they take their name from the Kabbalistic tree of life and the word that represents the wrath God in judgment of those who deserve it. We’ll let you guess which God they refer to in these songs. There is no positivity, no goodness, no happiness, only pain. And you can hear that spewing forth from this band’s  stabbing, violent black metal that serves as a severe, serious reminder than this sub-genre has been flooded by bands that just don’t fucking mean it. This is a lifestyle, not a sound, and Gevurah hammer that point home until your face and ears are swollen and split.

Opener “The Essence Unbound” has a slow-driven start, as the smoke starts to rise, then it explodes in a fury, with guitars raining down like burning nails, churning melodies twisting your guts inside of you, and bleak, infernal vocals that sound like they officially represent the mouth of hell. This song should give you hope immediately that this dark path you’re down is the right one. “Flesh Bounds Desecrated” wastes no time setting fires everywhere, with penetrating mangling designed to separate your head from your body. Some pained wails can be heard at one point, taking on a gothic feel, and this burner ends with weird, horror strings and synth rising up and enveloping you.

“The Throne of Lucifer” is doom-filled and spooky, and it also gives you the answer to which path they travel, and the low-level growls and charnel guitars leave everything bathing in filth. “Diving Ignition,” an eight-minute epic journey filled with complete ugliness, storms and breathes fire, leaving a huge black stain where this explosion originated. Beyond the heaviness and grinding assault, there are hypnotic rhythms and melodies that allow the mind to wander just a bit. “Entering Timeless Halls (Malign)” brings things back around again and ends the EP on a tone that will leave you defaced and bruised. There are thick basslines and an uncontrolled madness to this song, and it’s the perfect way to end a collection that feels like the embodiment of damnation.

Gevurah’s resume may be short, but this band is awfully dangerous already. They play with a hatred and fire so few bands who label themselves black metal these days can claim, and this is only the beginning of their campaign of terror. This is 32 minutes of pure human terror that can only end badly for your psyche but good for metal in general. The world needs more bands like Gevurah, scary as that sounds.

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