Full of Hell’s tumultuous hardcore hits new highs on ‘Rudiments of Mutilation’

full of hell
I do more writing other than what you see on these pages, and recently I was assigned an album by a newish hardcore-style band on a pretty sizable indie label that probably is going to sell really well. I could not be more confused about why or who their audience is or what people get out of their brand of … I guess it’s hardcore. I am not their audience, and anyone looking to their music for something to spark their heart surely isn’t going to get the jolt they need.

Luckily that criticism doesn’t stretch across the board for all newer bands in the hardcore realms, as Full of Hell prove mightily on their latest effort “Rudiments of Mutilation,” brought to you by the fine folks of always reliable A389. In fact, if you’re still breathing steadily and don’t feel like you got a workout after tackling their 10-track, 17-minute new album, e-mail us and we’ll get you the name of that other band. And probably a really smarmy sympathy card for doing this all wrong. These noisy, death-inspired hardcore blasts to the face are just what you need if you’re in a horrible mood and want catharsis (and funny enough, I am writing this as my Penguins battle the Bruins in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals … UPDATE: They fucking lost) or just need something to light a fire under you so you can go on and get your work done.

12 Jacket (5mm Spine) [GD30OBH5]Another thing I really love about this record is its brevity. It’s not for a lack of ideas at all. Rather, it seems the fellows purposely tried to keep the record slim, trim, and devastating, offering you no filler material at all and doing their best to make best use of the shorter space to hit you harder and faster. We live in a world of bloated, over-stuffed albums short on inspiration, so when you get a fucking beast like this record, that’s over in under 20 minutes, you know you’ve been served a better quality of mayhem than you would have if they tried to push this thing to 50 minutes. Also, their live shows should be even more violent because of these songs, and that’s a promising thing for anyone who wants to throw themselves head-first into the pit and get massacred. These guys will bring it.

“Dichotomy” is a noisy, tortured opening that spreads the chaos, with horrific wails and dissonant damage that’s almost like an introduction to the madness. Then it’s into “Vessel Deserted” that is packed with total fury and fiery violence, rolling along threateningly before it slips into sludgy doom. Then it explodes again and races to its finish. “Coven of the Larynx” certainly is a bizarrely titled song that is wholly confrontational and punchy, and that leads to “Indigence and Guilt,” a heaping mountain of hardcore doom that’s mixed with thrash and destructive shouting.

“Embrace” is a pretty weird cut that is also the eeriest, with feedback whine, noise squalls, and bellowing vocals that come off as deranged and haunting. The warbling, mentally deranged song is at its bloodiest with the shouts of, “Fucked to death in the street!” “The Lord Is My Light” is screeching and dangerous and does as much damage as it can in its 19 whole seconds of life. “Bone Coral and Brine” blows up and spits right in your face, challenging you to get in front of it and stop it. The title track is a speedy, gurgly burst of energy that lasts a mere 21 seconds and tries to break as many bones as it can during its span. Closer “Contempt of Life” simmers in noise and electric swelling, screams float above the raging storm, muddy doom moves, and the cut ends with fractured whispering and molten punishment. It’s one hell of an end to a tumultuous experience.

So all Full of Hell needed were 17 minutes to do this much damage and make an impact this severe. I’m certain there are people disconnected to a lot of hardcore out there and even some of the current death metal crop because they don’t feel like these bands mean an ounce of that, but Full of Hell are not that way. They are maddeningly heavy, violently passionate, and as effective as any band in their genre, and the road is just beginning for this band. That should thrill and frighten you.

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