All Pigs Must Die don’t care if you’re hurt, angered on ‘Nothing Violates This Nature’


Look, there are a lot of things to hate in life. Let’s just be honest about this. Yeah, I like to laugh and be in splendid moods like the rest of the world, but most of my day is spent hating things because there is just so much by which to be disgusted. Just get in your car and try to drive. If you don’t come home with a migraine, you’re probably one of the people causing the problems.

There’s no better way to contribute to a mental hatefest than to have music that is full of loathing, punishment, and anger that sounds a million times worse than what you’re feeling, and All Pigs Must Die step up to the fucking plate each and every time. Their black-metal-and-doom-splattered hardcore is raucous and takes no prisoners, and there have been times when I finish listening their music wondering if they hate ME. The disdain drips like sludge off a rotting garbage can, and there isn’t a moment on their second full-length “Nothing Violates This Nature” that doesn’t sound 100 percent poisoned, scornful, and resentful. And, really, I’d have it no other way.

APMD cover“Nothing Violates This Nature” follows the band’s volcanic 2011 debut “God Is War,” one of that year’s most immediate, pissed off records, as well as their self-titled 2010 EP that only hinted at the madness and all-out terror that was ahead. These guys play this shit like it matters to their survival, as each track blisters you and stomps you, and never asks you if you’ve had enough because they don’t care. There is no mercy in this dojo, and the more you take on these 10 tracks of spite and all-out violence, the more you’ll wonder if there is anything that could quell this band’s anger.

In case you’re new to APMD, we’ll go through introductions. Kevin Baker, also of Hope Conspiracy, is the guy barking and shouting at you, and there really isn’t a safe distance to remove yourself from his target. Joining him are Ben Koller (who you know from Converge), as well as Adam Wentworth and Matt Woods of Bloodhorse. Together, they form a hellish militia ready to violate and offend your morals, as well as any sense of good grace you have inside that tries to keep at bay the dark feelings. Let them out. It’s healthier that way, and one day you won’t explode once your little body has had too much.

“Chaos Arise” explodes on impact, so there’s no easing you into this bastard at all. The song is punchy, thrashy, and maniacal, and just as the track hits a grinding pace, it slips into a slow-melt close that feels like a melting face. “Silencer” has no mercy for you, especially with Baker taunting, “See you suffer, watch you die!” It’s fast, aggressive, and short, and it feels like a hurricane of nails blowing through your face. “Primitive Fear” has strong lead guitar work, simmering melodies, and a killer drum groove that gives the song its spastic pace. It’s not as explosive a song, but it’s meaty and pulverizing. “Bloodlines” is caked with noise and menace, then it slips into black metal and doom territory, giving the song a nice bloody texture. “Of Suffering” has a clean opening and a wall of synth, then it hits a weird sludgy pace and is the true oddball of this collection.

From this point, the record really goes for the throat. OK, it’s been doing that the whole time, but this portion really ramps up the chaos. “Holy Plague” is glazed with noise before it launches into hardcore-led savagery and runs into furious screams and shouts. “Again Siege” is a really short burst of madness that’s fast and mean, while “Sacred Nothing” is raw, crushing, and demeaning, especially when Baker howls, “You exist for nothing!” “Faith Eater” opens with a Black Sabbath-inspired dose of bluesy doom before it leaps into a hardcore furnace, and the stabbing craziness and charred vocals give it a nuclear finish. Closer “Articles of Human Weakness” launches into a black metal assault, with chugging, fiery guitars, a violent wave of sound that’ll singe your hair, and a conclusion that drowns in sound.

APMD’s madness is continuing along the same path it’s been on since the band formed, and the fiery trail they’ve been blazing shows no sign of dying out. This is perfect music if you’ve had enough and need some way to blow off steam, blood, anger, what have you. Fuck, watch the news and follow it with “Nothing Violates This Nature” and you might be ready to decimate your car with a chainsaw so you feel better. Shit, I’m going to get my chainsaw.

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