Fórn express their weariness with the world, dark emotions that result on ‘Weltschmerz’

FornWaking up in the morning and finding out what’s going on in the world is a task anymore. It’s not so much a matter of depression, though that can be a factor, but more of being tired of what the world has to offer. It can be disheartening just paying attention a little bit, and then having to deal with certain people on top of that can make it all feel like it’s too much to take.

Certainly Boston-based doom smashers Fórn feel the same way and transfer those frustrations to their furious music. Ever since their formation a scant three years ago, the band has made some of the more punishing and also emotional music in underground metal. We got a heavy dose of the band’s work with last year’s debut full-length “The Departure of Consciousness” (reissued on CD this year by Gilead Media), and now they’ve returned with a new EP “Weltschmerz” that adds another muddy layer to the group’s canon. That tiring of what’s going on around us, that’s basically at the heart of this two-movement four-track effort, as the title translates to a feeling of world weariness. You’ll feel that with each step of this journey, and it will bleed frustration all over you.

Forn coverThe construction of these songs are interesting. Each passage begins with a first section that brings all elements to play to create chaos, and the second portion stays an instrumental route, allowing you time to reflect. There is much darkness to be had here from the band—Chris Pinto on vocals, Joey Gonzalez and Brandon Terzakis on guitar, Brian Barbaruolo on bass, and Chris Donaldson on drums—but each track also has light woven into it, and slight feel that although the weight of the world on one’s chest can be a lot to handle, there are ways to overcome that from the inside.

“Saudade Part 1” begins with a clean stream that flows into a pocket of muddy fury. Pinto’s infernal growls burst through the doors, with sorrowful guitar melodies mixing in with the anger and a slow-trudging pace being set. Some calm emerges momentarily before the heat rises again, the song swelters, and it all bleeds into “Part 2” that feels watery and serene. The track flows gently, with a gazey atmosphere established, and that emotion bubbles and bleeds all the way to the finish. “Dolor Part 1” has a cavernous funeral doom sense to it, mauling and pounding, offering nothing but sadness. The growls scrape while the guitars swirl in the air, giving a mesmerizing sheen to it all. Hellish bursts come out of the earth’s crust and threaten to swallow you whole, with the guttural howls leave bruises on your chest and the swaggering riffing that concludes the cut shows a bit of an attitude. The second part unloads boiling drone that spreads itself, while the guitars moan and smoking doom flourishes. The music has a disorienting fee to it, with the noise overflowing, the sounds sizzling, and rapturous crackling fading into deep outer space.

Fórn’s formation has been a lot of fun to follow, and they’re slowly carving out a reputation as a band that leaves it all out there, never holding back an ounce of emotion. “Weltschmerz” is a strong resume builder for the band and a perfect companion to have with you when it all feels like there is too much to handle. The songs might not give you the answers you need, but it at least will assure you that you’re not struggling alone.

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