Meat Mead Metal Top 40 recap

We’ll resume regular stuff tomorrow (with a record we had no idea we’d be tackling), but we figured we’d whip together this easy-to-digest list of our top 40 albums of the year. We got an insane amount of visitors over the journey where we unfurled this list, and we thank you so much for reading and following along with us. We hope you have a great 2016.


  1. FALSE, Untitled (Gilead Media)
  2. ALDA, “Passage” (Bindrune Recordings)
  3. INDESINENCE, “III” (Profound Lore)
  4. NECHOCHWEN, “Heart of Akamon” (Bindrune Recordings)
  5. CHRCH, “Unanswered Hymns” (Transylvanian Tapes/Battleground)
  6. PANOPTICON, “Autumn Eternal” (Bindrune Recordings)
  7. OBSEQUIAE, “Aria of Vernal Tombs” (20 Buck Spin)
  8. VASTUM, “Hole Below” (20 Buck Spin)
  9. YELLOW EYES, “Sick With Bloom” (Gilead Media)
  10. VANUM, “Realm of Sacrifice” (Profound Lore)
  11. IMMORTAL BIRD, “Empress/Abscess” (Broken Limbs/Manatee Rampage)
  12. NIGHT DEMON, “Curse of the Damned” (Century Media)
  13. CRUCIAMENTUM, “Charnel Passages” (Profound Lore)
  14. BELL WITCH, “Four Phantoms” (Profound Lore)
  15. JESS & THE ANCIENT ONES, “Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes” (Svart)
  16. CRYPT SERMON, “Out of the Garden” (Dark Descent)
  17. DREADNOUGHT, “Bridging Realms” (Sailor)
  18. CLOUD RAT, “Qliphoth” (Halo of Flies)
  19. EYE OF NIX, “Moros” (Belief Mower)
  20. CAINA, “Setter of Unseen Snares” (Broken Limbs/Church of Fuck)
  21. PALE CHALICE, “Negate the Infamous and Miraculous” (Gilead Media)
  22. IRON MAIDEN, “The Book of Souls” (Universal)
  23. AMBER ASYLUM, “Sin Eater” (Prophecy)
  24. KOWLOON WALLED CITY, “Grievances” (Gilead Media)
  25. PINKISH BLACK, “Bottom of the Morning” (Relapse)
  26. PROTOLITH, “Dark” (self-released)
  27. VHOL, “Deeper Than Sky” (Profound Lore)
  28. KRALLICE, “Ygg Huur” (self-released)
  29. BISMUTH, “Unavailing” (Dry Cough)
  30. KHEMMIS, “Absolution” (20 Buck Spin)
  31. WINDHAND, “Grief’s Infernal Flower” (Relapse)
  32. ÆVANGELIST “Enthrall to the Void of Bliss” (20 Buck Spin)
  33. HORRENDOUS, “Anareta” (Dark Descent)
  34. DENDRITIC ARBOR, “Romantic Love” (Grimoire)
  35. PISSGRAVE, “Suicide Euphoria” (Profound Lore)
  36. MGLA, “Exercises in Futility” (Northern Heritage/No Solace)
  37. MAGIC CIRCLE, “Journey Blind” (20 Buck Spin)
  38. LOCRIAN, “Infinite Dissolution” (Relapse)
  39. PYRAMIDS, “A Northern Meadow” (Profound Lore)
  40. DALLA NEBBIA, “Felix Culpa” (Razed Soul)