7″ roundup: Palace of Worms, Thoabath team up for chaos; Sacrocurse unleash war hell

POW ThoabathWe concentrate a lot on full-length albums and EPs, but there are plenty of great smaller releases out there worthy of everyone’s attention. We have a couple of those on hand today, so why don’t we give some time and affection to two new 7″ efforts that will destroy your well being?

We’ll start off with the gargantuan union of black metal beast Palace of Worms and industrial noise fiend Thoabath, a split 7” release coming your way via King of the Monsters Records. Fitting that would be the imprint for this hellish collection of a song from each project, with your head and mind the ultimate victims once everything comes to a halt. Palace of Worms we’ve written about before and will again soon with their forthcoming new (and third) full-length “The Ladder” (that is going to fry your senses, believe me). This is a nice single-song bridge into that record, and the track delivered by sole member Balan encapsulates you in his world of horrors. Same goes for Thoabath and its creator Andy Way (who you may now from Sutekh Hexen), who smothers you with noise that sounds like an electrical storm surrounding your mind. Their body of work is still building and forming, and Way’s track certainly has my interest piqued on what’s next.

Palace of Worms get going with “She Who Holds the Fire” that tears open immediately and pulls you into the madness. The track is undoubtedly heavy and oddly murky, with melodies unfurling and twisting, guitars setting up the assault, and an oddly catchy stretch hitting at the chorus. The growls are gruff and ominous, while the elements whip around you, the elements bubble and burn, the pace dizzies, and Balan howls the title over and over before it relents. Thoabath kicks off “Mirotheas” with a charge that reminds of WOLD and makes it feel like you’re lost in a vicious, electric whiteout where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. Harsh, tortured wails strike and hang there like a ghost’s calls for help, while noises thrust, twist, and spit everywhere, and a wave that reminds of a relentless tooth drill grinds into the side of your head. The terror is utterly haunting, before Way leads you off into a sleep-inducing gaze.    

For more on Palace of Worms, go here: https://www.facebook.com/tattooedinworms

For more on Thoabath, go here: https://www.facebook.com/acwaythoabath/

To buy the album, go here: http://kingofthemonstersrecords.bigcartel.com/

For more on the label, go here: http://kotmrecords.blogspot.com/

OB-GD17-001.pdfMexican black metal destroyers Sacrocurse, who last unleashed their fires with 2014 full-length “Unholier Master,” are back at it with a four-track 7” release “Destroying Chapels” that blows by before you even know what hit you. Released by always reliable Iron Bonehead, this effort contains three new tracks that sound delivered from hell, as well as a killer cover of a Bathory classic on which they place their own bloody stamp. The band–guitarist/vocalist ZK, bassist SW, drummer LZ–unleash their assault with no chance for you to prepare, and over the course of these nearly 14 minutes of chaos and audio war, you’re put through the war grinder.

We get started with “Total Devastation,” a track that is named pretty accurately because that’s exactly what it sounds like. Dark riffs roll out and start the beating, while harsh shrieks rain down, opening up wounds, while the rest of the elements completely overwhelm you. The riffs are big and mighty, while the feel of the song is raw and primitive, which gives it, and the rest of the EP, the right amount of sootiness. “Sacrocurse Temple” smothers with its speed and aggression, as the crazed growls are buried under the noise, and guitars fire up and spill all over the place. It feels like there is nowhere to run on this song, like a riot has broken out and completely enveloped you. The title cut is blistering from the start, with the growls bubbling, the band pounding relentlessly, and the assault coming from every angle, leaving you no time to take cover. Finally, they unleash their cover of Bathory’s “Total Destruction” (from “The Return”), and Sacrocurse dress it in extra layers of violence. The drums rattle out of control, while the band grinds hellishly over this cut, with the vocals staying a little more faithful to the original, though the growls sound filtered through broken glass. The soloing? It’s like lava bursting everywhere and splashing anyone in its wake. Killer finish to this wartorn appetizer.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/Sacrocurse

To buy the album, go here: http://shop.ironbonehead.de/

For more on the label, go here: http://www.ironbonehead.de/

There you have it, two strong 7” releases that will melt right through the stupid snow and ice and leave anyone unaware of what to expect shaken to their core. These are two cutting, crushing releases that will give you all the chaos you need in just under a half hour combined.