Fucked and Bound’s destructive hardcore pushes against forces of societal pains with ‘Suffrage’

It’s a pretty unsettling experience to put on a record and immediately get the sense that things are not good. I don’t mean with the band, although certainly that situation exists from time to time as well. No, I mean with the subject matter the band is approaching and the way the songs are carrying out a message that what surrounds you might just be toxic.

Seattle-based hardcore unit Fucked and Bound give that sense of dread and misery on their debut full-length “Suffrage.” Featuring members of notable bands such as He Whose Ox Is Gored (their keyboard player/vocalist Lisa Mungo is out front here, and is she ever a goddamn force), Witch Ripper, and Cascabel, the band launches 13 songs that are over in about 23 minutes, and along the way, the group addresses, according to their own description, nihilism, feminism, and the woes that make one wonder what it takes to make a good living. That’s a lot of heady stuff there, much of it could bring you down if you’re facing the same matters, yet the way the band sets fire to everything is galvanizing. This music fights back, spits blood and piss in oppressors’ faces, and promises a beating to anyone who dares stand in their way and bring about more frustration. This is one seething warning.

“Wild Thing” rips the lid off this record, a 33-second barnburner that smothers with animalistic cries from Mungo and speedy hardcore, and then it’s onto “Get Inside” that keeps the boulder rolling out of control down the hill. The riffs crush, the vocals are raspy and forceful, and then it’s right into “Dead Bop” that is rapid, with the words spat out. The track has a deep punk melody, but it’s also violent as hell, and Mungo bites off some lines from Nirvana’s “Negative Creep” to bring the song to a scathing end. “Terror” is fast and grimy, as one might expect from the title alone, and the muscular melodies and filthy carnage barrel into “0FUXX” and its shouted, volatile vocals. The chorus is simple but blistering, and a molten solo washes over the back end, leaving it in ash. “My Love” has a punk blast and a maniacal pace, with the band demolishing everything, and Mungo bringing equal amounts of danger, wailing, “You’re stuck with me!”

“Party Void” is meaty and menacing, with the vocals churning and torturing, and the song melting into a sludgy pit. “Locked” starts with boot steps crunching before the drums kick in and deliver a groove, the riffs dive, and the playing goes off, bringing this instrumental cut to a fiery finish. “Creeps on the Street” is annoyed and sneering, but considering the irritating subject matter, it’ll make total sense. “I see you looking around!” Mungo pokes, as the band backs her with vitriol and sharpened claws. “#GTFO” has a burly metallic riff, with the vocals making things even more explosive, with Mungo howling, “Get the fuck out of here!” “Punishers on Deck” brings back the punk taste of some of the stuff that preceded it, while the riffing brings with it damaging intent, and the vocals blast you in the chest, rendering you a heaving disaster. “Parasite Lost” has Mungo wailing, “You’re losing it, I’m losing you!” while the band wraps her words in fist-filled fury that hammers to the end. Closer “Abuse of Registry” is the longest cut by far at 4:19, and it starts with mud-thick bass and slow-driving playing that drops doom into the scene. The track is even darker than what came before it, as the playing takes on more metal aspects, Mungo’s voice slices to the bone, and the song bleeds out in a cloud of sound.

Be careful Googling Fucked and Bound, by the way, as you might stumble onto sites you didn’t intend to visit. Or maybe you did plan to go there. I’m not judging. As for the band, finding your way to them results in a vicious, fire-breathing assault that unloads on oppressive and damaging ideas and seeks to dissolve them with acid. This record is a great rallying cry, especially with what’s going on in American society, and is the perfect “fuck off” to those who wish to stand in the way of change.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/fuuckedandbound/

To buy the album, go here: http://atomicactionrecords.bigcartel.com/product/aa-78-fucked-bound-suffrage

For more on the label, go here: http://atomicaxrecs.blogspot.com/

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