Danish death destroyers Taphos’ mauling demo efforts resurface with debut offering on horizon

It’s easy to miss early underground releases by promising artists. I do that all the time, and I run a damn website. Getting a chance to go back and dine on their early morsels is a welcome idea, especially with new music in the offing, and that’s what we are being offered with the reintroduction of two of Taphos’ most recent releases.

The Danish death metal band (they hail from the same scene as Phrenelith and Undergang) will be unleashing brand new music later this year with the backing of Blood Harvest, one of the more reliable sources of quality underground chaos. Before that, the label is reissuing their 2016 demo “MMXVI” and their 7″ EP “MMXVII” in a single collection so all of their early filth can be found in one location (their 2016 EP also will be released separately on 12″ vinyl). Newcomers to this band will find yet another young force ensuring death metal will be in the right hands moving forward. This unit—vocalist/bassist H, guitarists M and D, and drummer U—makes smothering, harsh, hellish music that reeks of raw nerve and violent inhibition.

“Venus’ Death” gets the 2016 demo started with stunning riffs, deafening howls from H, and the track driving into your chest. Things spill into doom terrain, as they do from time to time, before the drums erupt dangerously, and the track comes to a massive finish. “Upon Withered Wings” is thrashy and hellish, total savagery that’s driven by a storm of devastating riffs. The track picks up some swagger, while the leads soar into space, leading to gory madness and a penetrating end. “Perpetual Void” is fast and nasty when it strikes, as the riffs drive deep holes into the earth, and burly punishment emerges. Once again, U lays waste to the drum kit as soloing obliterates minds, demonic howls wail, and we come to a gory conclusion. “Venomous Tempest” delivers the heavy shadow of doom-death as riffs rain down, the growls are gurgled, and the tempo begins to trample. The soloing sets off light flashes, with noise hanging in the air, panic afoot, and gruesome intentions left to do their worst.

The 2017 demo recording starts with “Sensory Deprivation,” and from the initial strains, you can hear them stretching their sound a bit. It’s muddy and meaty from the start, with riffs choking your airways, and everything piling on from there. The track then speeds up and sends shrapnel flying, with the guitars barreling away, and the song thickening. But then things end on a hypnotic, yet crushing note, making your head spin while it throbs. “Purging Pyres” is the final song and starts doing damage right away. The riffs tear into the earth and bore a hole, as the song punches at faces, and the playing continues scarring. Belchy growls and smothering drums blast, with the track coming to a fiery, suffocating finish.

Taphos’ name already is gaining traction among fans online (I can’t stop seeing their name tossed around), and these two mini efforts forged into one are perfectly good reasons why. Their debut full-length will be highly anticipated here, and in many places, based on the promise of these six songs alone. What they do with that space will be interesting, and there’s a good chance they’ll carve out a ferocious, noteworthy first salvo sure to keep us neck deep in filth.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/taphosdeath

To buy the vinyl, go here: http://shop.bloodharvest.se/?product=taphos-demo-mmxvi-12mlp

To buy the CD, go here: http://shop.bloodharvest.se/?product=taphos-demo-mmxvi-ep-mmxvii-mcd-digi

For more on the label, go here: http://www.bloodharvest.se/