Dagger Lust, Adzalaan set blaze to idea of metallic accessibility with storm of death, blackness

Dagger Lust

This is a site where we try to explain to people how certain metal albums and bands sound, and for the most part, we’re able to get that job done. You can decide if we’re any good at it. But there are those creations that can’t completely be conveyed with words because the mission is foolish and mostly impossible. Yet, here we go.

The Vrasubatlat family of bands make up an intertwined bunch, providing a voice for a community of like-minded musicians who need to release their various forms of depravity. Each band on the roster, be it Triumvir Foul, Utzala, Pissblood, or the two groups we address today unveil their own psychological and physiological unraveling in their art which, to put it gently, can keep many listeners at an arm’s length. This isn’t easy stuff to tackle, even for the gravest of ears, but those who do relate with the utter blackness still probably need time to adjust to what’s going on here.

We’ll start with Dagger Lust, a three-headed beast spearheaded by members of Ash Borer, Serum Dreg, Torture Rack, Witch Vomit, and others who combine for one of the most hideous visions of metal you’re bound to find. On their vile debut full-length “Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead,” the band creates utter filth, metal that sounds like it was bathed in an acid bath until only the bones remained, and then everything was violently put back together with slime and muck. Their punishing ways and complete lack of concern for anyone’s well-being is duly noted, and the corrosive fury splashed over these eight cuts and 24 minutes of insanity shows that these maulers—noisemaker/vocalist SVN, bassist/vocalist R, drummer/vocalist T—have nothing but ill will for any sense of sanctity and decency.

“Augury” starts the record as a short burst with demented noise and beastly growls before barreling into “Corroded Vein” and its noise-coated hell. Growls and choking howls mix with wasp nest-style guitars before everything ends in strangulated pain. “Black Blood in Mockery” is thrashy and marred, with warped guitars cutting strange paths and screams melting over a baffling noise field. A total assault on the senses comes from there, and it’s massive, with black soot jolting, and belchy growls sickening. “Perverse Divine” has noise echoing and weird hissing before a pained, bizarre assault arrives, and noise squalls build thick walls of interference. The track keeps grinding before coming to a machine-like end. “Capitulation” is a quick, but utterly brutal one built with deranged menace, destructive playing, and an off-kilter, blistering assault. “Antediluvian Battery” rains down drone filth, as barbaric shouts and growls add to the bloodshed, and the pace boils heavily. The track is smothering and adds tons of pressure to your chest, almost like you’re trapped beneath a planet. The title track closes with a hammering assault and monstrous torment, with a slow-mauling tempo and vomitus retching. Cosmic noise swelters and penetrates, as the song releases its clutches. This is a damaging experience that will crush your soul.

Adzalaan’s R

That leads us into Adzalaan, the black/death metal vessel of sole member R (yes, the same R from Dagger Lust) who certainly bathes in absolute hell and darkness but does so in more of a progressive manner as opposed to his other project we just discussed. On the banner’s debut full-length “Into Vermilion Mirrors, this eight-track, nearly 28-minute effort shows another side to R’s creativity, though you’re going to be disoriented and frightened if you go into this not expecting to be concussed by decibels and chaos. Multiple visits with this record are required just to explore each crevice and for your body and mind to be able to fully absorb what’s going on. Your mind may wander into dimensions beyond while experiencing this record, but you always be brought to center by the hammering power of this document.

“Haven to Flush” is an introductory track with a strange aura and even a movie-like start before noise spirals into “Succumb and Vanquish” and its strangely warm guitars that truck into ultra-violence and jackhammering riffs. Raspy growls stampede as the guitars swirl and confound, and the dark, bloody transmission cuts its way into bone. “False Cleansing” has strong, furious riffs that storm, and massive growls and hellish yells that mix to deliver the heinous message. The track then detonates and sends shrapnel flying, as the playing bruises your mind, and the flooding noise fades away. “Haven in Blood” is an interlude cut that has guitars soaring and oddly glimmering before the sounds wash away and make way for “Wretched Oaths Fall From the Wicked Tongues” and its dizzying, disorienting playing. The guitars slice while the growls shred, cool riffs leave frost, and misery-inducing growls rip away and leave bleeding holes. “Paralysis Euphoria” has haunting riffs and furnace-style growls that breathe fire. The track chugs and thrash as the soloing goes batshit wild, with the trudging smashing the earth, and a furious finish leaving bones powdered. Closer “Vermilion in Abstentia” has a speedy, reckless start that gnaws on flesh. Mangling violence and a massive pace crushes, while harsh growls bleed, the guitars send lightning bolts into hell, and a noise bed is where it all rests.

These two bands and records are not for those who require even a modicum of slickness to their music or tiny avenue toward accessibility. Dagger Lust and Adzalaan do not provide that, nor do these albums. This is profane, disgusting, damaging music that will leave your insides coated with acid and your comfort level permanently destroyed.

To buy either album, go here: http://vrasubatlat.bigcartel.com/

Or here: https://invictusproductions.net/shop/

Or here: http://store.fallenempirerecords.com/

For more on the label or either band, go here: https://vrasubatlat.bandcamp.com/

And here: https://invictusproductions.net/

And here: http://www.fallenempirerecords.com/

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