Meat Mead Metal: Best of June and a few other notes

It’s been a long week, and luckily the metal release schedule has been kind and on the light side. We never did get to put up our Best of June playlist for you, so why don’t we do that now that … July is over? Look for the best of July coming up next week. Also, back tomorrow and Friday with more reviews, including an interesting pick of the week.

Second, over the weekend at Migration Fest, a ridiculous amount of people came up to me to compliment the site, and I can’t explain how nice that is and how much that means to me. Thank you so much. I did this site as a way to solve that “what metal albums should I be listening to?” question people would always ask me. I never intended it to be some high-traffic site with 40 posts a day, which is why this place is the way it is. Yet, I’m always amazed how many people have found us and stayed with us. The amount of friends I’ve made, amazing music I’ve gotten to hear, and bands I’ve been able to see up close has been profound, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to do this site after this past weekend. Here’s to way more to come.