Triumvir Foul focus vitriolic fury toward godhead on filthy, nasty EP ‘Urine of Abomination’

Rage toward organized religion is likely at an all-time high. I’m not getting into the reasons because they’ve been all over the news and social media, so I’m not here to teach anyone. That carries over, to some, to the actual deity they’re worshipping, as what’s supposed to be a peaceful, pious effort many times turns into something hateful and used to oppress others.

There are plenty of ways to show rage against that concept, and metal has been turning their fury toward the godhead pretty much since the genre was born. But some do it more violently than others, with Triumvir Foul proving their blood thirst is as savage and dangerous as anyone’s. To prove this, they have a new four-track EP “Urine of Abomination” to unleash on their listeners that is as warped and noise-fucked as anything they’ve ever done before. The Portland, Ore., band has been turning the screws for five years now, with two full-length efforts to their credit, but this might be the most destructive music they’ve ever created. The duo behind this infernal project—vocalist/guitarist/bassist Ad Infinitum (also of Ash Borer, Serum Dreg, etc.) and drummer Cedentibus (also of both those bands as well as Dagger Lust and others)—pour all of their vitriol and hatred into this record, seeking nothing but blasphemy and chaos.

“Urine of Abomination I” begins with noises scraping and burning, feeling like a marred attack on the senses before the track fully opens, and the death machine bursts. The growls lurch while the pace hammers away, with ugly guitars sprawling, the pain bleeding, and nasty, crazed bursts letting loose amid gurgling growls and a blistering assault. “Urine II” launches dirty death riffs and muddy stomping, with the playing cutting through flesh and the guitars chugging. The leads go off and burn intensely, keeping that hell going and pushing into “Urine III” that feeds on the remnants of what came before it. The track is thrashy as hell while the vocals lay waste, stomping through mud and blood before the assault goes off. The track lays unprotected shots to the face while corrosion eats everything away. “Urine IV” ends the record with a smashing intensity that opens the song, shit burning down everywhere, and violent death spasms mauling at your psyche. The guitars ignite with the drumming bashing in your skull, the guitars chew at your brain wiring, and static rises while a sound storm melts away the remainder of your muscles and bones.

Anyone with any sensitivity toward music that tears apart your faith might be monumentally upset by Triumvir Foul’s vile and scathing new EP “Urine of Abomination.” I’m guessing this duo won’t give a fuck about your feelings as they’re pissing away at something they feel has been destructive toward the world. This is black as hell, a torture session that is relentless and choked with soot.

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