Spanish death metal destroyers Hex unleash furious, infernally bloody attack ‘God Has No Name’

Utter morbidity is not something to be taken lightly, and it’s a state of mind that can be kind of terrifying when you think about it. But you know when you hear it, and typically that should make your skin crawl and your bloodstream turn freezing cold. It’s ugly and painful, a thick journey into the darkest areas of the mind where most people try to avoid.

A lot of that describes hulking Spanish death metal band Hex, whose second album “God Has No Name” should be arriving right after our country celebrates Independence Day. It’ll be wise to get all of those misguided, drunken festivities out of the way before you tackle this beast anyway, because it’s a doom-splattered affair that isn’t going to give way to bright rays of sunshine or happiness. These seven songs that travel an economical 37:27 are heavy and covered with ill intent, which makes for a good experience for anyone hungry for bloody death metal. Anyone else? Not sure what to tell you. How’d you even find your way here? The band—vocalist Jonathan, guitarists Adolfo WB and Jon, bassist Endika, and drummer Asier—lay waste early and often, leaving you in mental distress and physical disarray by the find you find your way to the end of the album.

“Thy Kingdom Gone” begins the record with chugs, strange chants, and then growls tearing everything apart. The track drives hard as the guitars heat up, feeling mean and punishing, while a melodic charge strikes toward the end before things end crushingly. “Soundsculpter” has menacing growls, the bass trudging, and utter fury exploding. The drums turn teeth to powder, carnage explodes, and the band ups the ante, making the final moments as fiery as humanly possible. “Worshipping Falsehood” has a bluesy open as the track sludges, and growls enter and create panic. Guitars swagger while weird whispering emerges, and the track comes to a slowly delivered, doom-encrusted end. “Daevangelism – The Dark Sunset” begins with the sounds of a preacher railing about Jerusalem before the track fires up, and everything is torn apart. The low end tears out guts as the track comes to a mean, massive shift, and then the growls go off. The track thrashes while everything speeds toward a wall, and the last thing you hear are splattering growls and an evil cackle.

“Where Gods Shall Not Reign” is smudgy with vicious growls and a female voice calling in the midst (giving it a bit of a Celtic Frost essence). The track revels in doom, while the ghostly singing mixes into the void, the band begins to mash digits, and things come to an infernal close. “Apocryphal” has crunchy riffs and cavernous growls as the gas pedal is struck, and strong riffs rain down. Soloing smears and makes things feel nasty, as the track grinds away and even has a rock n roll flare before things come to an end. “All Those Lies That Dwells…” ends the album on a rotting note, with riffs pounding away and the growls crushing. Sections of the track lurch, and the bulk of this is heavy as fuck, as the playing rounds up and increases the intensity, noise hangs overhead, and everything is swallowed into a void of weirdness that makes your guts go cold.

If one is to question Hex’s morbidity, it won’t take long with “God Has No Name” to find the answer you’re seeking. This band hacks away and leaves no flesh unbruised by the time they unfurl their entire misery-inducing display. This is death metal for bad moods and hopelessness when only another entity immersed in the same darkness as you makes any sense.

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