Voidceremony drop harrowing alien death metal on hypnotic offering ‘Entropic Reflections…’

Photo by Ian Mann

Aliens exist. I have absolutely zero evidence to back that up except for logic and realizing the universe is a massive place, and we cannot be the only people or beings here. Oh man, imagine if we really are all alone? What a cataclysmically disappointing and frustrating reality that would be. We’re really the best the universe can do?

Anyway, there are aliens, and some of them may inhabit mind-bending death metal machine VoidCeremony and their aggressively named debut record “Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel.” While this is the band’s first full-length, they have been developing this machine since 2013, and they have three EPs to their name before this initial full platter. Death metal has been moving beyond this terrain for quite some time now, and VoidCeremony do their best to travel further into the universe than anyone before them with these six tracks that feel like they keep changing forms as they develop. That’s what keeps things interesting and scientifically baffling as the band—guitarist/vocalist Garrett Johnson, guitarist Jon Reider, fretless bassist Damon Good (of Mournful Congregation, who did duties for this album), and drummer Charlie Koryn—drills into as wormhole and drive into psychosis for a little more than 32 minutes.

“Desiccated Whispers” tears a hole right into this thing, letting prog-infested waters flow and Johnson’s lurching growls take hold. Good’s rubbery basslines slink as they do through this entire beast, while the rest of the music plays its bag of tricks as well. The track stomps its way through the rubble before ending abruptly. “Sacrosanct Delusions” smashes its way in and smears while the bass remains puzzling as hell. The guitars sprawl and tangle you up while creative weirdness flows. Fluid leads work with the contorted bass as the drums spill bones and take the track to its end. “Empty, Grand Majesty (Cyclical Descent of Causality)” runs a healthy 8:56, and it unleashes bizarre tidings and guitars rushing through alien wastelands. The playing slinks through mystery as the music slips and burns before there’s an eruption. The growls hammer as the pace ramps up, driving into an aggressive assault before running into yet another concussive jar as the track spirals out into hell.

“Binded to Unusual Existence” is an instrumental piece that starts with a hypnotic bend and the room spinning a million different directions. Leads cut through and increase the violence while it feels like the playing is twisting at your guts. Things then get exploratory as the guitar work swims through complicated channels before coming to a spirited finish. “Abandoned Reality” has guitars scraping and working their way into a strange miasma as the clobbering mashes your digits in a door. The track is both trudging and atmospheric while it keeps adding new haymakers to its arsenal, chewing your muscles into submission. “Solemn Reflections of the Void” closes the record with cataclysmic jolts and the bass continuing to be a hard beast to pin down as you grapple with your balance. The playing coils and strikes, sending sharp bits of metal flying, combining the vicious with the insane. That works into a path that challenges your brainwaves, reveling in cosmic majesty as the track shifts away.

VoidCeremony’s warped ways flourish on “Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel,” their senses-defying first full-length record. For a band to sound this strange and channeled on their first record is a testament to the time and effort they put into this thing, as it feels like an extended stay on a plane far off in the cosmos. This is an exciting first step for this band, and where things take them in the future is anyone’s guess.

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