Chilean beasts Invincible Force smear bloody black thrash on vile ‘Decomposed Sacramentum’

If you’re as tired as I am about reading pandemic shit on this site, let me spare you today. There definitely is something to wanting to just have your brain and body thrashed in the name of Satan and just taking it in. Remember good, heathenistic times? Yeah, me neither, but let’s just humor each other while we talk about motherfucking Invincible Force.  

The band has returned with their ridiculously punishing second record “Decomposed Sacramentum,” their first since their debut “Satan Rebellion Metal” five years ago. Funny enough that title actually captures the essence of these nine new tracks that spread over 27 minutes, a raging, fire-breathing display that takes you on right up front and wrestles you to the ground. The band—guitarists Enzodomizer and Deadgoat, bassist Cristian Contreras (I guess he doesn’t get a cool name), and drummer/vocalist Skullfukk—run roughshod as they deliver vile black metal and thrash that feels like it’s going to tear your throat from your neck.

“Doomed by the Vision” begins as noises dawn and then the track is torn to bits as savage ferocity enrages. Raspy hell in pushed out in the vocals as the tempo thrashes, guitars erupt, and raw menace crushes the track closed. “Perpetual Black Mass” stirs as the track gets speedy and gnarly, while the pace flattens. Riffs kick in and bruise while the guitars destroy the senses, and the damage is done thoroughly. “The Covenant” unloads tornadic riffs as the playing mashes the gas pedal, and the growls tear through your chest. Guitars swelter as they stomp through a field of bodies, and the back end is marked by feral terror. “The Shadow Over Canaan” has a driving build up before brute force bludgeons, and the growls smother with blood. The track gets harsh and mean as the playing carves through the madness, as the pace is sweltering and unforgiving.

“Illusion of Truth” delivers riffs with balled fists as the intensity begins to storm, and the pace manages to get even more violent. Guitars smear the senses as the band picks up the trudging designed to destroy bones. “Damned By Noise and Lust” has great riffs and a forceful vibe as the blistering attack feels like it’s coming for your life. The playing hits like a tangled web as the playing totally decimates, and the finish delivers a blinding attack. “Abufihamat” has the guitars churning, matching what’s going on with the acid in your stomach. The power is nasty, as are the growls, then the drums speed up dangerously, and the soloing slices through like a hot knife. The title track continues the pattern of being thrashy and devastating while the vocals aim to rip your face off your skull, and the playing is clobbering. Then the assault turns to a calculated boil as the track gets meatier and edgier before burning away. “Hopeless Mortality” is the closer and blasts to life with the drums taking things apart. Raspy growls massacre as the leads catch fire, the drums explode, and the track ends in a lava pit.

These Chilean beasts in Invincible Force deliver barbaric black thrash on “Decomposed Sacramentum,” which stands as one of the deadlier records of this slowly decaying year. This is an album for getting your brains scrambled as you revel in their dangerous aura and abject heaviness. This record will deface you in no time and laugh as you writhe in pain and humiliation.  

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