Mysterious Umbral Twilight rip open their chests for the night on ‘Bleeding Alchemic Talisman’

Standing outside at night in the moonlight and gazing at the sky is enough to make your neighbors start thinking strange things about you which, come to think of it, might apply to me since I actually do this sometimes. But I don’t walk back inside my house with my head filled with evil intent and the desire to impart that destruction upon unsuspecting victims.

But the two forces that make up black metal crushers Umbral Twilight do not live like you and I, as the night and everything it holds in its clutches helped inspire their new demo “Bleeding Alchemic Talisman (B.A.T.).” The four-track offering, their first, was recorded in isolation last year, with most of the work taking place at night, when their spirits were at their highest and most vicious. The band—vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Reaper of War and drummer Bloodthirsty Heretic—conjures dark ancient rites, death worship, satanic magick, and moon worship into their noise-infested sound, with their demo comprised of two interlude cuts and two full tracks, all sounding like they would be absolutely terrifying to hear if you were already worried what was lurking behind corners late at night.

“Hypnotic Lunar Trance” is a quick synthgaze intro cut that has a haze settling over everything and an unsettling feeling rumbling in your chest, heading into the title track that erupts with noisy riffs. Strong melodies intertwine with vicious vocals that go for the throat as well as drums stomping guts into the ground. The growls wrench in echo as the band thrashes away, melodies loop with churning guitars, and the sooty assault ends in a bloody mess. “Glorious Lunacy” is a strange interlude cut with static, synth fog, and weird things trickling underground, with sounds echoing off the castle walls. “Bloodmoon Offerings” ends the collection with the drums exploding, guitars openly burning, with the shrieks peeling the paint off the walls. Things pick up and hammer viciously with the drums rattling cages, vicious storming entering a static gust, and the guitars raining down before everything ends in eerie weirdness.

It’s short, it’s to the point, and it’s aiming to carve you up as Umbral Twilight spill the blood on “Bleeding Alchemic Talisman,” a destructive demo that’s only a hint at what terror they truly can create. Evil, hell, and night worship are all flooding to the surface here as this feral form of black metal seeks to return it to the moonlight, basking in decaying graveyards. This is raw, unforgiving violence that will leave you battered but a little closer to your union with darkness.

To buy the album, go here:

For more on the label, go here:

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