Coffin Lurker unleash warped, horrifying doom, scrape at your psyche on vile ‘Foul and Defiled’

Sometimes the worst mistake one can make it to see how far something can be pushed, getting an understanding for just how much someone or something can take. That’s not to say there can’t be good conclusions and major breakthroughs that also can take place, but not everyone cares about being careful, no matter what the results may be.

For two deranged musicians such as Maurice De Jong (also known as Mories from Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak of Altering, etc.), and Rene Aquarius (Cryptae, Dead Neanderthals, Imperial Cult, etc.) they’re not exactly artists who practice safety. Just look at that list of projects above, and you know these two aren’t exactly ones to shy away from risks, and that’s what we get with their new project Coffin Lurker’s debut LP “Foul and Defiled,” their attempt to see just how far doom’s boundaries can be warped. This is terrifying, challenging shit, five tracks that push you to your limit and test your threshold for pain as a listener. If you can relate, this record will feel like the psychotic breakdown you didn’t know you needed, a pummeling killer outside your door, ready to help you understand pain.

“Crypt Within a Crypt” opens the record with doom rumbling like a beast beneath the earth while the growls lurch, and monstrous rustling swishes your stomach contents. Massive hell is unleashed as a maniacal wall of sound crashes down on you, the pressure mounts, and the vocals corrode. The track just drubs from there, raining down hammers upon your unprotected head. “Of Suffering” pummels as the growls mash, and gargantuan heaviness creeps across the land. The playing feels buried in smoke as the shrieks peels back your flesh, the track burns infernally, and then the heaviness increases, smothering with grunts as it disappears into the atmosphere.

“Suspended Animation” trucks right away as animalistic growls sink their teeth into flesh, and the playing splatters. The heat increases as the shrieks begin to maim, and the guitars churn like a mixer working its way into your guts. Things slow as the noises reverberate, the bass mauls, and horrific psychosis has its way with you as minimal piano keys tease a semblance of mercy. “Sacrificial Chalice” feels like the planet is imploding as death growls snarl, and the guitars work gets ramped up, slicing into your muscles. The heaviness hits like it has an extra gravitational pull as mournful guitars begin to weep bloody tears, doom bells chime, and the misery spreads before it finally runs out. “Cadaverous Odor” closes the album and starts trudging and hammering, smashing boundaries. The blood begins to boil as the growls send anxious shivers, the chaos penetrates, and everything blisters with a renewed heaviness before the end comes suddenly.

With two morbid minds such as Mories and Aquarius, one would have to expect a project combining the pair to be morbidly warped and mercilessly punishing. Yet, Coffin Lurker goes even harder for the jugular and your comfort than I expected on “Foul and Defiled,” a title that could not be more apropos. Really hoping this project has legs because this record is an outright killer that leaves anyone who approaches the music permanently defaced.    

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