Perilaxe Occlusion defy typical, delve into 3D modeling themes on crushing ‘Raytraces of Death’

Heavy metal is a world in which no topic is off limits, though that also could mean troublesome waters for bands that delve into, say, outright fascism. That always sucks. But there’s so much out there in this universe in which to concentrate, so many possibilities to explore and mine that really, anything could be topical for a heavy metal record. Even converting vector layers into pixels.

OK, I know. What? But look, this makes so much sense, especially from a technological standpoint. Metal musicians aren’t morons, despite decades of people deciding that’s the case, so why not head into areas such as rasterizing, the technique described above. That’s the rich territory explored by Canadian death metal travelers Perilaxe Occlusion, whose new EP “Raytraces of Death” takes you into mind-tangling terrain like no other creator before them. The band delivered a very well-received demo late last year, their means of introducing you to metallic bursts about 3D modeling, but these three songs go even further into the vortex. The band—guitarist/bassist XT, drummer/cellist XE (they’re joined by guest vocalist Ti)—pulverizes you with bizarre chaos and complicated strangeness that might take some time to wrap your head around but also delivers the goods in such a wonderfully strange way.    

“Fracturing the Voronoi” gets things started with doomy misery hanging overhead as the growls bury you in thick death. The track is punishing and ugly as the drums decimate, thick bass slithers, and the soloing goes off, scorching faces. We head into sludgy terrain, the band mashes bodies, and everything disappears into feedback streaks. “Incalculable Thresholds” brings the drums crashing in and a punchy, thrashy vibe that aims to leave bruises. Growls rumble as the guitars churn hard, getting strange and eerie and making you wonder what just happened. Things head into a strange pocket before re-emerging with black metal-style playing as the guitars spiral, and a heavy stomp directs the track right into hell. “Geometric Dismemberment” closes things, starting with doomy drubbing before things explode into total chaos. Cavernous growls bury as the guitar angle and drip, and your body is pummeled. Guitars rain down, dressing things with mournful tones, while the shadows thicken, pushing the track into a murky, uneasy mist.

Perilaxe Occlusion didn’t sit around and wait after their demo was so well received, and “Raytraces of Death” is a collection that builds on their promise and shows just how deadly their machine can be. This is an incredibly satisfying display, a quick look at where this band is expanding, and how they’re growing more sinister before our eyes. More of this over a proper full length is something I’m very much anticipating in the future.  

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