Danish ghouls Septage hammer with death, gore on disgusting new beast ‘Septisk Eradikasyon’

If you’re not interested in having your stomach turn and confronting some of the vilest sounds and aromas in all of death metal, maybe today’s entry isn’t for you. No shame. I was trying to eat dinner the other night and could not handle the surgery scenes in the “Dr. Death” series on Peacock (the Wondery podcast on the subject is great), so who am I to judge? We’re all people trying to get by.

While they haven’t roamed the earth as a band for a terribly long time, Danish death/gore band Septage has gotten a firm grasp on the morbid and disgusting after having formed last year, one of the worst in our planet’s recent history. But in a short amount of time, the band—vocalist/drummer Ugur, guitarist Tobias, bassist Malik—has cranked out two EPs, with the latest coming in the form of “Septisk Eradikasyon,” a four-track, 12-minute effort that’s being given various forms of release, one a 7” record. This is monstrous and foul, but it also is a blast of energy and carnage, a bleeding, puss-secreting experience that might not be for every listener. And that’s OK. We don’t judge you on that.  

“Of Gangrene Limbs” unloads the carnage early, setting an ugly tone of punishing death and gurgling growls. Everything splatters wildly, the guitars slur, and we’re neck deep in the muck, some of it getting in our mouths. The madness gets zany, and filthy clobbering takes the track to its end. “Perpetual Fetid Odor” launches infernal growls and mauling, disgusting playing, soaking in blood and piss. The tempo stomps guts as the leads dice, the world implodes, and everything crashes to the ground. “Sick Possessions” is packed with animalistic growls and savage ferocity, with a freezing bassline ushering in some progressive tendencies. Things get even more twisted as the track winds down, ending in a splattering pile. “Simmered in Mephitis” ends the record by punching into flesh and the hammering guitars just going off, making you go dizzy. Fast and frenzied, the leads burst, the guitars slaughter, and we swim into murky synth and horror that spirals out into space.

Septage’s insanity might have just been planted into the ground to grow, yet “Septisk Eradikasyon” festers quickly, turning your psyche into mush. This is a disgusting, morbid collection of songs that might only last 12 minutes but lays in its claws before you know what hit you. We’re only two EPs into this band’s run, and it’s scary to think how warped they’ll get as they head toward a full-length assault.

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