Pittsburgh’s Lady Beast rampage with massive, traditional metal assault on captivating EP ‘Omens’

Heavy metal has the power to inject you with more strength and stamina than you even realized you had, which is probably why a lot of people listen to it when lifting weights. I do, because I noticed when I listen to comedy podcasts, I tend to drop weights when I’m laughing because I sometimes can’t handle things. Anyway, that’s where switching to something heavier comes into play.

Pittsburgh’s traditional power metal force Lady Beast is a favorite around here (meaning this site … well, and in the city), and while I was on vacation, they offered up their killer new EP “Omens,” a nice smaller serving of the charging fun we’ve come to expect from the band. This offering contains four new tracks and a great Rainbow cover, which they knock the fuck out of the park, with every second of this thing getting your blood surging. The band—vocalist Deb Levine, guitarists Andy Ramage and Chris Tritschler, bassist Amy Bianco, drummer Adam Ramage—storms through these nearly 20 minutes that conjure the spirits that metal has courted since the very beginning.

“The Poisoned Path” gets us started by the track punching in and charging up, delivering awesome, steely riffs. “Poison in your eyes, in your veins, in your brain,” Levine howls as the track keeps trudging hard, ending with power busting. “Reaper” rips open with the drums launching and the riffs driving, with the chorus swelling in your chest. “Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go, the reaper knows,” Levine warns, as death closes in, causing the temperatures to rise. The soloing soars, increasing your adrenaline level, and wild cackles drive the song to its end. “Blood for Blood” dawns with riffs churning and a defiant pace with might and muscle, with Levine warning of “payback by violent death.” Revenge bursts from every seam as the guitars bubble, with the leads ripping out into the night. The band then delivers a great cover of Rainbow’s “Kill the King,” with Devine expertly delivering her best take on Ronnie James Dio’s performance, but with her own blades dug in. The rest of the band increases the intensity from the original, with the guitars absolutely catching fire and melting away. “The Fool’s Journey” is the closer, with the band delving deeply into NWOBHM terrain and stomping that ground heavily but tastefully. The vocals drive hard and the bass sludges while the guitars explode and rush toward the stars. The soloing kills while the speed picks up, ending the track in trudging glory.

Lady Beast keep the traditional metal fire burning brightly on “Omens,” a great EP that bridges last year’s “The Vulture’s Amulet” with whatever comes next from them. They’re in full command here on these five tracks, and if you’re already fully in the band’s camp, this will just entrench you even further. This is a really fun blast that’s going to enhance their already stellar live show and make you want to sharper your blades for battle.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/ladybeastofficial/

To buy the album, go here: https://ladybeast.bandcamp.com/album/omens

For more on the label, go here: https://www.reapermetalproductions.com/