PICK OF THE WEEK: Hyperdontia’s warped death metal twists jaws on face-mauling ‘Hideous Entity’

I’ve been to the dentist a lot this year. A LOT. For all the wonderful traits I inherited from my ancestors, shitty tooth health is one of the less desirable ones I acquired, so I tend to have to do more work than usual in order to keep everything healthy and operable in my stupid mouth. I can only imagine what it would be like if I had more teeth than what was deemed necessary.

So, that was a fairly uncreative way to walk right into “Hideous Entity,” the new record from Hyperdontia, the band whose name is derived from the condition where people have too many teeth in their mouth. Brutal. Speaking of which, this band has helped corner the market on that term with their brand of death metal, but that’s not all they bring to the table. The band—vocalist/guitarist Mathias, lead guitarist Mustafa, bassist Malik, drummer Tuna—tangles you in intricate and strange compositions that’ll both make you ache all over and have your imagination run wild. They make this second record a pretty severe step up from their great debut “Nexus of Teeth” that introduced the world to the hideous formulas cooked up by this Turkish/Danish beast.

“Snakes of Innards” dawns with a doomy pall before the death hammer drops, and the growls mar as they eat into your psyche. The leads begin to charge as the pace brawls hard, the guitar work scorches, and the drums mash to a furious finish. “Trapped in the Void” is beastly as it begins its path, attacking and ripping hard, bringing imminent death. The playing bludgeons as the growls tear at muscle, and the soloing goes off, with the final moments seeded in violent treachery. “Beast Within” opens with great riffs, and then the monster tracks through mud as the playing sautés your brain. There’s a swagger to this thing as the leads fire up, and chaos bursts and drags you to the finish. “Coils of Wrath” has guitars slithering as the pace pummels, and savage thrashing tears your hair from your head. The bass trembles as animalistic pounding and crazed growls unite, and the track has a brutal finish.

“Grinding Teeth” is a pure death assault as the growls penetrate your senses, and vicious pounding has its way with you. Thunderous hell arrives for the second half, the riffs carve wounds in your flesh, and the final moments rip the breath from your lungs. “Lacerated and Burning” tells you all you need to know from its title, and it’s relentless, a slaughter that sprays blood. The growls destroy as the playing feels like it’s trying to stomp your guts out of your body, and there’s an unexpected proggy section toward the end that’ll make you tilt your head in confusion. “Wretched Mockery of Creation” tangles your muscles as the mashing playing hits a fever pitch. The leads soar as grimy death collects, and the tempo runs roughshod, blasting and crushing until its final second. “Impervious Veil” closes the proceedings and brings the pressure, blistering and shaking you relentlessly. A mid-tempo burn makes the pounding hurt that much more as the bass hammers you, and the charging increases. Eerie guitars lead into hellish visions, and the track trickles away like a cold sweat snaking its way down your back.

“Hideous Entity” is peak Hyperdontia, death metal that’s both recklessly pummeling and astonishingly well played. There’s not a moment of downtime on these eight tracks, and even when they aren’t going full speed, they’re delivering dour assaults that choose to scar the mind rather than the body. This record is a like having a tooth removed sans Novocain as you’re left to writhe in the chair with your adrenaline doing nothing but keeping you conscious through unspeakable pain.

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