Death beasts Tormentor Tyrant unleash hellish tale of killing machine with crushing debut EP

We already live in a world where a horrible beast is ravaging humankind, but it just doesn’t look like what many of us have fantasized about for years. The goddamn thing is invisible, and tons of people are pretending like we’re not heavily under fire, but humanity is half clueless. Just imagine if we were facing a physical hell beast with an equal lack of interest in our safety.

Finnish death metal terrors Tormentor Tyrant have sick imaginations and a vicious penchant for the sounds from the formative days, and along with that comes a story of a monster that feeds on our suffering. They start to unfurl that story on their debut EP, a five-track, 17-minute bruiser that feels violent and unforgiving. The band itself—guitarist/vocalist S. Envenom, bassist/vocalist M. Malignant, drummer J. Carnage—adopted their own horrifying monikers and splatter you with filthy, mangling death metal that takes on the mission of its character and feasts upon our fears and anxieties.

The title track begins the record, one of those fun songs where the band, album, and song names are all the same. It’s bludgeoning right away as raspy growls and a bloodthirsty drive head right for your guts. The flow gets deathy and chunky as the band wails the title back at you along with traits that describe the character (savage suffer-lord! maker of agony!), ending as violently as it began. “Eternal Torment” is massive and monstrous as the guitars surge, and the assault continues to amplify the aggression. Skulls are bashed as the scathing vocals turn against you, and the brutality reigns until everything is turned to ash. “Primal Evil” is fast and smashing with a powerful riff leading the charge. Hellacious fury is meted out as guttural cries splash acid on your wounds, then the leads get more intense, leaving you devastated inside and out. “All-Seeing Eye” stampedes out of the gates with a thick bassline melting, and the drums are outright assaulted. The vocals whip through and make your pain even nastier, while the playing smashes blood into the grass. “Galaxy-Wide Terror” ends the record by easing you into the abyss, letting you think about what’s coming for you. Ominous guitars and creaking growls are a formidable pair, and the skies get darker with the doom picking up. But you know the hammer is going to drop, and it does, as the band speeds things up, chars flesh, and caves in the sound, its last drops dripping into hell.

Tormentor Tyrant make a great first impression on their self-titled EP, which seems like the first violent chapter of a horrifying story they’re telling. Yes, evil seeds have been planted and humanity will suffer as the band unfurls the rest of this terror, which we should get on subsequent releases. That should be great fun for any death metal fan who revels in brutality and bloodshed combining.

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