Chilean force Chaos Perversion eat away at minds with death ire on ‘Petrified Against Emanation’

Our nightmares have a way of staying inside our heads and eating away at us in the days and weeks after they occur, sometimes making sleep impossible. Those visions that come from stories our brains are telling us can have incredible grips on us, especially if they’re reality based or, even worse, a hellish tornado of visions that seems like endless damnation calling us.

Chilean black/death metal beasts Chaos Perversion create music that feels like it’s the product of your psychosis, the swirling terror you cannot control and that lives in the back of your mind as you try to deal with what you’ve experienced. Their debut EP “Petrified Against Emanation” strikes hard and fast, making it seem like you’re locked inside a scene that can haunt you forever. These six tracks (five of which also were a part of their “Entangled by the Roots of Death” EP in 2019) are massive and entangling, pieces that act as separate entities but also exist expertly as a whole as the band—vocalist Daniel Hermosilla, multi-instrumentalist Flauros U—eats away at your sanity, leaving you to fight to keep your senses intact.

“Intro: Abyss” gets you acclimated to the world that’s unfolding in front of you as noises waft, and eerie sounds bleed toward you, leading into equally bizarre “Absorption Ascension Under the Vampiric Connection” that makes your head spin. The vocals feel sucked from another dimension while a burly attack is under way, one from which you can’t find safety. Riffs spiral and contort as vicious howls weigh down on you, ugly chaos stampedes, and everything disappears into a hovering red cloud. “From the Ominous Funerary Miasma: Initiation by Semitrance & Praxis of the Grotesque” already is a lot to handle just from its title, and it grinds heavily, giving off noxious smoke and death gurgles. The playing feels like it melts into the earth, bringing you into a dream sequence and letting doomy overcast skies dominate, burning itself away. “Petrified Against the Emanation” starts with the drums destroying and a maniacal pace causing insanity, hellish guitars digging into the dirt. The pace slows as the growls incinerate, dropping the pressure directly onto your chest. “Entangled by the Roots of Death” blisters as trauma runs amok, delivering fiery devastation that spreads quickly. The drums are pummeled into the underworld as the vocals take off layers of flesh, then the sounds hiss in their own filth, unloading a ton of soot and misery. “Outro: Awakened at the Slaughterhouse” is a fitting instrumental finish that allows in strangeness and terrifying moans, almost as if the earth is dying from the inside out.

These Chilean beasts in Chaos Perversion expertly take black and death metal and warp it to their vision on “Petrified Against Emanation,” their terrifying second EP. This feels like being locked in a hellish sleep that does nothing but increase the scariest parts of your fever dreams and stick in your subconsciousness like a demonic thorn. Doing battle with this mentally and physically demands you pay a price, and even though it’s a smaller release, it leaves enough damage that you’ll feel the bruising.   

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